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  1. My friend got sum geodon and wants to know if its recreatinal. We did a google search nd saw tht it said it is abusive but never gave us any info on what the high is like so anyone have any knowledge or experience?
  2. Definitely not recreational, it's an atypical antipsychotic.
  3. it being a antiphychotic doensnt make it not abusive. Gabapentin is for seizures but its still abusive.
    ambien is a sleep aid nd once again still abusive.
    Anyways medical websites say its abusive and i read a report on erowid
  4. No... Its not.
    A freind of mine was prescribed it for something, and they had to give him like 3 other drugs to counteract the side effects... Shit gave him seizures.
  5. Oh well thnx u alot for the help i appreciate it cuz now i read sum story about it nd saw all the neg. side affects
    and i have a big prob. with seizures so +rep to u dawg:hello:
  6. Suffice to say, I've regretted every atypical antipsychotic I've ever taken.
  7. Dito*
    Abusing seroquel was not a good experience for me and one i will never do again.
    It kinda makes me feel bad about myself when I think hey im abusing medicine that people who are phychotic have to take:(
  8. that shit is FUCKED up. i got prescribed it from a mis-diagnosis and was on high doses of it, its NOT recreational, shit will fuck with your head. its a fuckin anti psychotic.

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