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  1. So I currently live in a college town, and theres a business to that will deliver food from other restaurants around town. Making it great for people who live in dorms or are without cars to still get food they enjoy. Everything is basically about $2 more than it would be in the store, plus they charge a $3 delivery charge. Genius idea right?

    So, after ordering from this place one day, and blazing away, my roommate and I had the idea for Delivery Mart. Same concept, except in convenience mart form. Ever have those days when your craving a Mountain Dew, Ding Dongs, don't have any Zig-Zags, and need a lighter? You call a number, and 10 - 15 minutes later, some guy is ringing your doorbell with all of those items. This is obviously something that would only work in specific areas/ college towns, but honestly, I have no idea why it wouldn't be successful.

    Any opinions blades?
  2. i think i actually thought of this a while ago but i think it could definitely work. i know i would shop from there
  3. That'd be great for when you're drunk and run out of cigarettes.
  4. I think the most appealing part about this concept is the minimal amount of initial investment that would be required.

    Basically, hit up Sam's Club and stock up on items. The only problems I could see are if delivering tobacco products is illegal in that state.
  5. I'm stealing this idea. Don't try and stop me; I already have patent papers drawn up.
  6. You can buy stock when we go public.

    Delivery Mart - Coming to a college town near you
  7. You could probably get some tax breaks if you argue that by doing this you will curb drunk driving. :ey:
  8. wow im drunk and i've run out of cigarettes. 100% honest

    OP get to my home and bring me smokes now

    & they better not be 14 dollars a pack. i don't care how many 12 year old chinese children have to get dehydrated from cross country biking on a budget i will not pay over 10$ US
  9. potential for violent crimes dude haha

  10. How is the potential for violent crimes any higher than with Pizza Delivery, or any delivery service?
  11. I don't think you would make enough profit by running lighters and rizla around. Do you thin people would pay 5 dollars on top of a deck of cigs? IDK....

  12. You simply make a minimum delivery of $10. You obviously don't live in a college town where a large majority are spending money that isn't theirs and have really no qualms with prices of things. I've seen many people order $10 worth of Chinese food, simply to not have to walk to get a Coke.

    Tack an extra dollar or .50 on to the price of the item than it would be at a gas station, plus your $5 delivery fee, It'd at least be a decent source of income for a group of dedicated friends.

    Just to get an idea of how overpriced this food delivery service I'm talking about is, scope out their websites and tell me the prices aren't blasphemy. and I see their delivery cars in my neighborhood at least 10 times a day.

    Straight To Your Door
    B-Town Menus
  13. Right.. i get you now. I was just thinking realistically, but of course you know your town. And if you can get the clientele then go for it man. Get some leaflets printed up.

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