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Genie Mist make any plant produce THC?

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by Thomas29, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. woooooow it's legal to put THC in every plant in existence EXCEPT WEED. awesome.

    fuck you, legal system. you don't make any goddamn sense.
  2. article is fake

  3. I think this has been posted before too. Not sure, but I know I've seen it.
  4. This sounds to me like bullshit. Unless the spray is some kind of plant virus that gives these plants these genes there is no way it could work. And furthermore thc is only one component of cannabis, unless it also gives the instructions to create the dozens of other cannibinoids it wouldn't be like the real thing

    BS has been called
  5. Its been posted before and it is fake
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    6000 plants really? Windex is more expensive:confused:

    No company would invest millions into producing a product that will be shot down before it sells one bottle, even if it's legal until they announce they intend to produce and sell it.

    This is just a copycat of Tomahigk [sic], some prank back in the early 00s. I'm too high right now to remember when it was. They said the exact same thing just with slightly more detail on the process and instead of a spray, they offered 3 seeds for free (funded by?) if you send them your address. They probably sold the list for junkmail.

    My final nail to add to the coffin is that I don't remember reading a front page news article about a genetic engineering breakthrough that can replace DNA within every living cell of a plant through... magic?

  7. Laugh, but Isaac newton totally believed that horseshit
  8. there was a story a long time ago about a guy *professor of some college* that turned an orange tree into a thc producing plant and had the seeds that kept this going, but the government forced him to hand em over (by force i would assume)...but not before he was able to snag a few and send them to people... i bet you can still find it on the internet, and bc it was on the internet it has to be true!!! kinda like the g13 strain, but with altering plants dna rna genes or whatever, i guess they really did use science for good once, but i wonder why they wouldnt have altered say... a cancer patients genes, pre cancer of course?:confused:
  9. yah this is deffinetly joke and ive seen this on here a few years ago
  10. In the late 70's or early 80's there was a report of some shade tree botanists attempting to "splice" tomato vines on cannabis stems. They reported that the results were negligible buzz from foliage and tomatoes tasted different with little effects. Nothing else was heard of grafting attempts from them to my recollection.
  11. hey team, i just made a profile to respond to this thread transposon sprays CAN actually introduce genetic material into living cells. it is in some ways like a virus, and some viruses do just that. just look up transposons on wikipedia and you can image how a spray consisting of a transposon in a solvent like DMSO that can cross membranes could certainly insert itself into cells. if you spray a sapling as the thecrit article suggests only the cells coming from those cells hit with the spray will produce the gene products contained in the transposon. i.e. the roots will be normal, but the stems and whatever comes off them (fruit) will have the pathway. there are some possible complications, already mentioned was the lack of complete cbd/thc bouquet, the total size of the pathway must be relatively small, the promoter they use should be active in the organism (genie mist may not work on bacteria, for example), and they could modify the pathway so that the produced thc is localized to some part of the cell or exuded. doesn't really matter in the case of tomatoes, but if one wanted to fill a bioreactor with bacteria that secrete thc and collect the supernatant to make hash this might come in handier than killing all the cells to extract the thc. hope this has been helpful, and hit me up w/ any questions. [email protected] teamwork!!!! http://cloudimages.grasscity.com/smilies/biggrin.gif
  12. lol...guy above me posted wiki as a creditable source...i hope u know that altering genes would make more money in cancer than pot...its fake ya dope

  13. Troll and/or keylogger

  14. Yeah. He also invented calculus before he turned 26. So I think that gives him a slight leg up on the ol' alchemists.
  15. you can graft hops and cannabis together relatively easily (hops being on of if not the closest relative to marijuana), although sadly but not surprisingly it doesn't give you thc infused hops
  16. certainly no need for name calling, we're all on the same team here. :) i can't speak to the veracity of the original article, just giving my thoughts on the theoretical feasibility. i personally use wikipedia plenty- it's going to be here long after we're gone, and it's free to edit. so maybe you should quit bitching about how unreliable it is and correct it! exactly what errors in the transposon page did you find, might i ask? as for transposons in cancer, they tend to CAUSE cancer rather than cure it as they usually jump randomly into the genome. this can disrupt proto-oncogenes that then trigger active tumors. in a food crop it doesn't really matter, but in humans this quality tends to cause anxiety in institutional review boards...

  17. the rest of what you say is just nonsense... this above is what it really boils down to...and its FAKE
  18. Oh, Mr. Science is in the thread. Already tested every theory ever theorized. This guy. Somebody get this dude a lab coat.

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