Genetics class ideas for presentation?

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  1. Hey I would like some thoughts on ideas for a short presentation that I need to give in my genetics class. The presentation is only five minutes long and must relate to some major points in genetics...nothing to in depth that other students will find interesting as well.

    Let me know some of your ideas!
  2. how about the process by which a bacteriaphage introduces its genome into a bacteria cell and the proceed to using the bacteria's enzymes and other factors required for gene duplication. you can show pics of the different stages of attachment, penetration, maturation and release. the viruses look pretty cool, kind of like a space ship or a little monster :D
  3. the sudden emergence of the flagella in early cellular life....

    the ease of using genitic engineering for terrorism...
  4. I am giving it Thursday..I have it narrowed down to a few. I want something that isnt covered in lecture..just got over the bacteria and reproduction..and Mendelian to love a munk and his love with Botany!

    Black plague changing and shaping genetics so that the area has become imune to the AID's virus.

    Genetic alteration of food sources such as the farm raised salmon which consumes less food and grows faster and leaner..corn larger yields...

    Eugenics shaping children in the embryo state for the ideal color...and athletic ability...
  5. Jack off into a cup and let them pass your genetic material around. Invite your classmates to jack off too. It'll be fun.
  6. The use of plasmids/bacterial transformation to mass produce insulin. I was just telling someone how I did a presentation on that back in the day.
  7. Ended up doing it on gene grossing for glowing animals and plants...a zebra fish has been produced grossed with the glowing trait of the jelly is now used for detecting pollution in the if the the fish glows in the body of water the pollution level is higher then the accepted level...they hit the black market for home buyers...but the the feds got involved say it wasn't to be used for pleasure reasons and was pulled...glowing lawn grass should hit the market in the next buds that would glow would blow this purple weed that is hitting the market out of the sky...

  8. lmao glowing bud...

    seriously though thats some trippy shit... i think humans might be fucking around in a field of science that they might not want to fuck around in..
  9. I agree.

  10. I did that in class today, only it was the AMPr plasmid we added to a non-virulent strain of E. Coli
  11. Watch this.

    Repeat his points.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Juan Enriquez: Decoding the future with genomics[/ame]

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