Genetics applied to Cannabis.

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  1. Hey they GC, how ya'll doing tonight? Anyways, I am Jr. working towards my Biological Sciences major. I originally wanted to become an Orthodontist, but after 3 years not sure what I truly want to do any more. This semester I am taking Principles of Genetics, and the course truly fascinates me. Learning advanced knowledge of genetics including mapping/decoding a species genome; I have come to wonder and dream about applying this to the cannabis plant. Decoding its genome so you know exactly what every gene controls. Think about that, the perfect taste, smell, potency, and colors can be achieved. Anyways what do ya'll think about this? I almost feel this is my calling. Any universities attempting to do this right now?
  2. Marijuana is very tightly controlled, and it's almost impossible for a university to get a sample to study at all, let alone enough different samples to decode the genome.

    It's all underground, and all the genetic work that's being done with it (to my knowledge) is simple husbandry.
  3. Why don't you start with people first? Our species is going down hill fast... Have you seen some of the people out there?
  4. In a slight amendment to my earlier post, I just found this, which might interest you:

    THC Gene

    It's still a long way from what you're describing, but it's a step in that direction. Too bad this isn't practical for smokers (although it may or may not work for prospective hemp farmers, depending on how the law is written in their respective states), because a lot of THC alone isn't very helpful to getting a nice high. At least that's one useful thing that came out of government trials of Marinol, we don't have to salivate over this.
  5. 99% of all species that have existed are extinct. Guess ours will soon be joining them.

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