Genetically engineered foods are evil

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Simon123, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. As it states in the bible, that when man has thinks he has mastery over creation the end is near.

    Seems to me we are inthese times as we quietly eat our alien food(genetically modified organism or GMO) which is being long term tested for safety on us we are the guniea pigs of these corporations, like Monsanto and Pioneer Seeds.
    And the fact that we are now cloning animals and possibly human animals next. The signs are definitely in place as Macodenia was a place of war a few years ago as the bible states of a war in Macodenia, Judea and also saying that the this war will be the end of 1/3 of the population of the world.
  2. Men I think that doom 'n gloom talk is bullshit. And, living on a farm, I take offense to your statement that genetically modified foods are evil. They can certainly be dangerous, but only if there is not sufficient testing. Without the Golden Rice strain millions in the world would have starved. Do you consider that evil? We've been genetically modifying foods for thousands of years. You know that kick-ass strain you just tasted, it's been modified--not by direct means, but through our breading methods. It's just that now we have the ability to alter the DNA directly, making changes, almost instantly, that would be either impossible or take hundreds of years to change. I'm sure I think opposite of the majority here, but organic foods are worse for you than others (I know I'm not talking about strictly genetically modified food). They are much more likely to be pest ridden, or contain disease, are smaller, and don't taste as good. Thet last one is just my personal opinion, and may just be mental, but the others are fact. And we are not Guinea Pigs for Monsanto or any other major company, in fact they take great care so that we are not exposed to grains untested for human consumption. That Starlink debacle was not their fault, and all the claims of people saying that they suffered some sort of ill effects have been proven to be falsified, merely trying to gain money, not justice.
  3. All I can say on the subject is that would prefer my foods to have not been sprayed and altered with chemicals of any sort. If you can breed the plants in some special way or alter them any other way, then fine. And as far as organic goes, if there is some way to clean them naturally, then I will definately go for them.

    My main point is that I do not want my food to have been altered by chemicals. I'm mainly just talking about no preservatives, artificial additives, or pesticides used. Not really onthe topic of genetic engineering, but yeah.
  4. I find those beliefs perfectly reasonable. The main point of my last post was that any religious beliefs that try to suppress science are inherently flawed. I believe that because science is the only way for us to better our living style and life spans. Cloning is not wrong, as long as we don't try to clone humans. Our diversity is what makes us what we are. I have no problem with genetically modifying animals so they can be harvested for human organs. We just need to be careful, and make sure that we are not killing ourselves with our creations. And by the way, alien food is simply any food with which you are not familiar. If we are used to eating genetically modified foods, there is nothing alien about them. A real alien food, for me, would be just about anything they eat in India. I don't mean to be an asshole here, simon, and I encourage you to post according to your beliefs--just don't expect me to agree if you come quoting biblical texts as absolute fact.
  5. i disagree with the free for all on Genetic modifacations not on a religious basis, but rather a scientific one. we have not yet had enough time to test such things. i say this despite learning a fair amount about bio-technologies from my flatmate last year. i had him explain quite alot of it in detail. And it's not as dangerous and scary as most people (particularly some sectors of the media) would have us beleive. There ARE quite extensive safety procedures in place that if applied throughout and always, should then cause no significant or long term problems to the environment or food chain or natural evolution. but with corporate greed you can never be sure that's enough. so perhaps it's not so much on a scientific level that i disagree with GM, but more an "I know what corporations are like" stance.

    either way, we need more research and less practice of GM out in the open environment where there are no real physical containment in place. there simply has not been enough worse case senarios planned for and still way too few simulations on a large scale.

    ever think we should learn to walk before we try to run? well sometimes right now i feel like we are a baby who's just learnt how to crawl, crawling into a Mondeo ready to cruise down the highway!

    we have been doing selective breeding and other genetic engineering practices (like cloning plants) for millenia, so we're not likely to stop now that we better understand DNA. Current medical practices have put us in the predicament where we MUST use our genetics knowledge to beat of the super viruses we have created. it is the only way. we have been on this path for a very very very long time. the benifits far outweight the current dangers... but we just have to be a bit more careful than we have been. maybe the advent of future technologies just around the corner like quantum computers or, tech further afeild like nano-bots, will sort us out and either slow us down or allow greater prediction of danger and cure of outbreak of problems.

    nuff said.
    for today.
  6. I think that the corn and other vegtables that corparations sell to farmers is going to really fuck us up. You know the ones that dont produce viable seed. could you imagine if that shit got to our reproductive system? After this generation we could no longer have kids? we would be extinct in like 50 fuckin years!.
  7. Well, all I know is that seedless grapes, though a highly convienient type of grape they may be, is - without the assisted reproduction of man, doomed for extinction.

    How can they reproduce unassisted in the wild if they have no seeds?

    Poor grapes.

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