Genetic traits in femd seeds of same strain

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  1. How much variable is there between seed to seed when growing a femenized seed. I see people grow more seedlings and weed out the weaker ones is this a good practice to ensure good traits in the same strain.
  2. Look up Gregor Mendel, that should help you out

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  3. If the strain itself is super stable..there shouldn't be a lot of difference from seed to seed to weeding out the weak shouldn't be necessary, as this was already done by the breeders and that's how they got it to be stable . Alot of factors weigh in on why, out of a bunch of seeds from the same plant give plants that look to be sluggish or small or grow slower. That said I would still try and keep the best of the best ones moving forward as this will keep promoting the best of the best of that variety...tô get a real stable strain (there are many out there) breeders (inbreed) the same beast mode plants with other beast mode plants of the same variety (some up to 10 times) until the resulting seeds yield almost identical plants that all look uniform. It takes a while before all the different phenotypes iron out and or melt into one stable plant ..there's a lot of hybrids that haven't gotten there yet ...and you'll know that when you pop 10nseeds and have 10 different looking plants that all act kinda which case keep only the ones with traits you want ...throw the others away...hope this helps ...I am fuckin Mr Chinese this morning since I decided to wake up and do honey oil hits off the stove....☻

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  4. Yea ive read about him and the pea plants before just didnt remember his name. Im horrible with names. So basically unless i can identify common traits i cant firmly say yea this is gonna be a better plant vs this other seedling.
  5. Weeding out the weaklings is a good idea no matter what kind of seed. Trying to baby plants along is a lot of work and just when you think everything is OK it can still bite you in the butt later on.
    Work with the plants that are strong and hardy, this job is way too hard otherwise.

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  6. So basically cloningis the only way to ensure genetic traits
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  7. I think recently there has been to much pressure on seed companies to get out the latest greatest new strains, the traits have not been solidly stabalized so you can drop 20 seeds and have at least 5 differnt looking/ acting plants, if you choose fem strains that have been around for many years your chances of getting more stable plants increases IMO....
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  8. Yep! It's the only way to ensure identical twins everytime. Otherwise you'll end up with a few different phenotypes and it's your choice to pick them out. Some may not grow how you want, but will produce excellent bud; others will grow like a tree, but the bud may not be as great. It's the bittersweet beauty of diversity!

    It takes alot of trial and error to figure out genetic phenos from scratch, but I believe its worth it because you decide what fits your wants and needs (size, yield, etc.) and run with it. I honestly feel you can't truly know a strain's genetics without trying out the different phenos, but you can always jus stick with one and master that. Then again, I'm still a rookie compared to alot of people on here so feel free to roll with whatever makes sense to you and make it your own.

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  9. Individual plants can have massive variation within the same strain especially when buying from less reputable breeders. But none of this has anything to do with feminised seeds

    I find TH Seeds, G13 Labs, and Dutch Passion have really stable strains. Very uniform compared to other breeders I have used

    Getting a really good plant will require growing out several and picking the best statistically speaking. You can always be lucky of course

    I just started 8 Bubblegum seeds, even though the breeder (TH Seeds) is pretty good, there will always be some degree of variation. I'll be vegging them out, cloning them, flowering, and then testing the bud. The best plant's clone will be kept for future grows and the rest will be discarded
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  10. I got a 3 leafed mutant from dutch passion
  11. With autos this thread brings to mind this one strain I've grown a couple times chemdog. There always seemed to be two phenotypes that would pop out of the soil at a 50/50 ratio of the 6 seeds I grew. One is a very resilient fast grower that throws out some major side branches. The other pheno stays a lot smaller and is very picky to nutrients and ph. I actually have one of each of these chemdog autos going now(bad pheno no lst, good one I lst'd) A good smoke but the instability is a turn off to me for this strain when other breeders have more consistency.

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