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Discussion in 'General' started by jahwork328, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. Okay, somebody needs to become a genetic engineer out there. i'm sure that somewhere there is somebody who likes to smoke pot AND likes genetics and biotechnology... I was just reading about GMOs, studying for my biology exam, and it occured to me that it would be *so* cool if someone could isolate the gene in marijuana that produces THC and import it to random plants, like corn or potatoes. Brilliant... no one could get arrested for carrying a sack of potatoes....

    Maybe I should do it.. too bad biology is my worst subject.. It's the only exam I actually have to study for....

    But as long as I am on the subject of science...

    With our knowledge of the properties and behaviors of the THC molecule, do you suppose that there is anyway we could objectively measure the quanity of THC in a given sample? I know that "scientists" (reminds me of half baked) can measure THC percentages in pot, but it seems to me that there could be a cheaper, easier (although probably less acurate, but accurate enough) way to discover just how much THC a particular batch actually has. Think about what that would mean for growers and sellers?

    Or, I'm probably just talking out of my ass. ;-)

  2. LoL well I know what you mean. Cloning also goes on all the time in the wacky world of Marijuana production. Hm.. I didn't really think of that...

    Maybe we could just cook the potatoes and eat them? I guesss it'd have to be somehting fat soluble, so you'd have to eat like french fries or something.
  3. lets go spark some taters. lol or pot carrots. It's already cone shaped, just wrap some papers around it.
  4. whoah,

    that would be tooo cool

    grow your own THC crystals until they get HUGE!

    i think it would be really hilarious if you shot the po po with a THC potato gun


    This post is really cool man i like all the what ifs of marijuana

    well not all of them some are just dumb probably most of them actually

    I like the idea of Carbon Fiberweed too
  5. all that fancy future stuff is fun to talk about, but i think in 50 years ill still be smokin blunts. classic. for the love of the game.
  6. Potatoes? I'll just stick to buds. :)
  7. cross cannabis with a sugar maple. Those leaves already look a lot like pot leaves and no one would know the difference until you started picking shit off your trees to smoke.
  8. I wouldn't mind someone sticking the "pot" in potatoes.....

    whats wrong with getting baked of a baked potato?? nothin in my book...:p

    im down for the idea, though i believe its been tryed and genetically unstable or rather non productive..... though i could be wrong...:)

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