Genetic Enginearing of a Rage (like) virus. i.e Zombie Virus

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  1. first off sorry for the spelling errors. i hope you have the patiance to read through them :)

    Ok we are all familiar with the movies 28 days and weeks later. In the movie, the people are infected with a mutated form of the Rabies Virus, Giving the humans all the symptems of a rabies infected animal (agression, higher tolarance to pain, lack of normal thoguht, and viral transfer through saliva.) sounds quire like a rabies virus. But these arent the symptems for humans infected with rabies.

    Humans infected with rabies dont gain the symptems of animals who are infected with the virus. Humans who are infected generaly do not expirance agression or hostil delusion. (although they do expirance bodily trembleing, fever, and halusinations. And im not quite sure if the virus can be spread from human to human throuhg a humans saliva.)

    sounds like a mutated form of the virus that is biologicaly engineared sounds like a destinct possibility for someone wiht the know how right? WRONG! After doing personal research about the Rabies virus, ive learned that artificualy enginearing a virus to do this in humans is to great of a challange to the point of impossibility. Let me explain... The Rabies Viruses physical and genetic structure is much to small to have that much bio enginearing preformed on it to mutate it effectively into a "Rage Virus". The viruses genetic structure is just to small and cant handle that sort of manipulation...*ARTIFICUALY*.

    Ive come up with a possible theory to enginear a Rage like virus with minimal, artificual, mutation, enginearing. Makeing it THEORETICALY possible to enginear a virus of this magnitude.

    Although it is impossible to add that much genetic material, artificualy to a single virus, it is NOT impossible to geneticaly mutate a virus to have "copy cat" mutations. Such as mutateing a virus to be able to take on additional genetic materials throguh a host over numeriouse generations.

    So heres my theory. Enginear a sample of the Rabies virus to have coppy cat abilitys of the brain chemistry of its host. This may take many generations of the virus from host to host. (this is how normal viruses with coppy cat capibilitys mutate the natural way). May take several hundred generations to even have a small mutation. After the coppy cat Rabies has been engineared, begin breeding the virus with naturaly hostil animals. Lets use pit bulls as an example. After several generations of transfering the copy cat Rabies virus from dog to dog, it will start to take on the genetic materials of a ravid Pit Bulls' brain chemistry.

    Once the Virus has been breeded for several, if not, many generations, it will start to take on the brain chemistry altering affects. Once its strong engouh to stand on its own and strong enoguh to have the desired affects (i.e. ravit pit bull), it can then be injected into a potentialy human host. Theoreticaly, the virus will begin affecting and altering the humans brain chemistry. End result, a human will have the same mentality of a ravid Pit Bull. Giving them Zombie like capibilitys, (agression, dalusion, passing of the virus throuhg blood and saliva).

    Now keep in mind, this is all theory. Im not a genetic bio enginear. Infact, wile righting this, ive thoguht of other, possibly more efficiant ways to enginear such a virus. If you enjoyed reading and found this intreaging in any way, please let me know. I would love shareing my other ideas on the subject.
  2. Well, if im understanding your theory correctly, you simply want to engineer a virus with the ability to take on genetic traits of its host(i.e a pit bull or whatever) and apply them in a new host, perhaps a human, but I have a thought about this.

    If you introduced the virus into the human population, wouldnt the virus be rendered inert over many generation as it adapted to take on the traits of a human brain rather than a pit bulls.
  3. i dont think he meant he wants to make a virus to make people act like pit bulls....
  4. Isnt that exactly what he suggested. Altering a rabies virus to be able to take and pass on behavioural traits of agressive animals under the effects of rabies in order to generate a zombie quality in humans.

    Unless I completely missed something, which is definitely possible since im drunk and its 7 AM:D
  5. u may be entirely correct, maybe i missed something, but i dont think he meant in any specific animal, since rabies makes most animals aggressive, he just used a rabid pit bull as an example, hence the i.e.

    i could be wrong

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