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  1. so i have have the generic xanax by mylan. its the a4(2mg)

    ive heard alot of criticism on generic xanax especially mylans generic.

    anyone have information on thee real and generic stuff.

  2. Both the same chemical.
  3. i do realize that but people were saying its not nearly as potent as brand name xanax, someone even said it took 4x the normal amount of xanax to calm their anxiety.

    i would just like some people to verify this.
  4. I feel like there is a difference between tra-2's the ones from argentina and the name brand. Could just be in my head though.
  5. :confused:
  6. i'm pretty sure it's all in your head bro.
  7. The generic Greenstone xanax has a 2 and G on it. It works just as good as the regular xanax i feel like..

  8. well take a look at this

    and there are many other people saying the exact same thing.

    so idk?
  9. Don't generics have to be exactly the same??? By law??

    Thats why the original companies have exclusive rights for a few years.
  10. i hope so haha...

    one more question, whats a good dose for a first-timer?
  11. I was on .5 mg xanax and I could feel that. 1mg and I was feeling drugged...... 2mgs and I was out......

    I'd start with .5 and take another .5 after it kicks in if you feel like it.
  12. im currently on the real official xanax that actually say XANAX 1.0. they are blue footballs and let me tell you they are way different then the generics. i was taking the generic ones and the high didnt last long at all, with these real ones i take now i can take 1mg at 11am and make it last until 9pm, while the generics last for 3-4 hours. the generics have fillers,cuts they dont have all whats it supposed to have which make them more dangerous then the real ones because the generics make you crave more. generics suck thats all im saying
  13. name brand xanax just has less gackers in it, so it dissolves faster/absorbs faster, making it seem more potent

    other than that theres no difference

    its like say you have a .25 of cocaine in one line and a .5 of 50/50 cocaine/cut in another

    the .25 of purer coke is gonna hit you harder, but u'll still get just as high in the end

    the only difference being that you were initially higher with pure shit, but when it evens off into the normal high its the same
  14. shit man you always know what you're talking about.

    alright well thanks.

    since i have the generic stuff should that change the dosing at all?

  15. alright thanks for the help
  16. I never felt shit from taking xanax and I took it like 10 times...
  17. i dose at 2mg`s when i take these things, k-pins two
  18. thanks, and you can act reasonably straight?
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    I only pop a .5 xanax (generic brand), if I take two of those which is equal to half a bar I think, I just get tired and ZZZZzzzzzzZZZ really hard like my brain turns off.

    generic drugs are identical in effects to name brands. If you take 2mg's which is considered a "xanax bar", I guarantee you wont be able to act straight cus ppl can tell youre out of it. and you might not remember much at all.
  20. haha so even if i use the, god im so tired i didnt sleep well last night.... theyll know?

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