Generic Versions of Heaven Suck.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Rezo, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I grew up in an area full of fundamentalist Christians and southern baptists and just so happened not to be a very religious person. I remember them telling me about what heaven was suppose to be an when I reflect on it now I would hate Heaven just about as much as I would Hell.

    I love strippers, dirty raunchy sex, even though I only smoke weed I don't mind being around psychedelics and hallucinogens or alcohol. I fuckin love profanity too. I say things that are offensive constantly just shits and giggles. I am not mean spirited I just like to have a little fun. I always help my friends out and I DD for them all the time. My point is if that's what Heaven is really like then fuck it. I would be miserable in both Heaven and Hell. There has to be something in between playing yahtzee with Mormons and being tortured by demons.

    I mean could you really stand that kind of Heaven?

    NOTE: This is all in good fun. If this offends you then ask yourself why you are in Pandora's Box?
  2. The only heaven and hell you will ever experience is the reality you create in this life. There is nothing after this, you're wasting your time and the one life you're given if you think otherwise. Create a heaven for yourself now...this life is as good as it needs to get.

    That's my ((opinion)) at least.
  3. I agree completely. I was brought up a christian but I consider myself agnostic. I remember all those sermons describing heaven as a place of eternal life where you get to spend it with god. Basically that means for the rest of eternity you are god's bitch and you worship him forever. The thing that really repelled me from christianity is how the bible tells people not to be selfish. However, god (assuming he exists) himself is selfish which I find very irritating and hypocritical.

    If I knew somehow 100% that the bible is true and this god exists, fuck god. I would rather burn in hell than be that piece of shit's bitch.
  4. hell is where the party is at. satan a cool mothafucka, he'll give u a/c if u get good with him. he'll even share his devil weed, lay your ass out. alota freaky bitches too, n no disease cuz u have no physical body
  5. Religion is a man made invention before there was "rule of law" to scare people into behaving. Its a sad, sad thing when someone in today's world actually thinks a bearded man is floating in outer space reading everyones mind all day, making sure they dont have sex a certain way or eat certain kinds of food, such "mortal" things..

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