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Generic crap day!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BearKush, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Sup fellow blades, yesterday was such a bad day... First of all I missed my courier delivery, second I broke my bong and finally my dealer has moved and everyone i know including friends of friends are dry or don't deal...

    So I guess my question is the generic HOW THE HELL DO I GET WEED thread?
  2. Go to the local strip or hood, get a small amount first, like a 10, if its good, step up and buy weight
  3. You have no idea where I live. Our so called "hood" is full of chavs...(being from the UK) and you just don't buy from that type as you know you will be burned. I only live in a small city. We have a headshop but people usually use that for non-smoking related things more often than smoking related.
  4. Go to a college campus lots of students smoke
  5. Same boat as you mate. UK is a lot harder to get some decent weed when randomly looking. Yes Chavvy teenagers will rip you off by selling something stupid like 0.2 for a £10. And if you say anything more you'll probably get mugged, or worse.

    Do a bit of research on growing, outdoor and indoor.

  6. If you see my sig ;) Thinking of doing a couple of auto's outside in spring. Either way UK market is so dodgy unless you can find a grower or someone who brings in alot of bud.
  7. dont risk dealing with people you dont know man....Thats how I ended up in prison....If your guys are dry...Then there pateint.Thats what I do...Its not addictive so it doesnt hurt us not to have it for a week or 2 :)... But it does suck :p ..Much love bro
  8. road trip to your friends house whereever he moved, buy bulk.

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