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  1. Anyone run a grow off of a generator? any idea how much fuel consumption a 5kw is looking at for running a 600 watt?+some flouros?
  2. Not worth it. Electricity is a lot cheaper than gas. I knew someone who was running a grow off generators and it was quite costly. Also you forgetting to put gas in your generator is more likely than the power going out. Also, generators make lots of noise.
  3. ^Agreed. Very expensive way to go and very loud, which compromises stealth.
  4. what about off of bio deisel.. 99c a gallon est not so bad
    miss moomoo
  5. And how much juice will that fuel produce? Compared to a kilowatt hour costing perhaps 12 cents on your electric bill. Assuming it's OK to run the generator on biofuel without retrofitting it. And it still would be just as loud...
  6. supposedly I can get a gallon for a buck , running 70% capacity Ill probably need about two-4 gallons a day.. noise is def an issue but underground my greater concern is ventilation... and fire hazard.. Ive read that conversion isnt necessary but that requires further research
  7. if your going underground you should treat the generator like a gas furnace. It needs some way to get combustion air for the engine. Youll have to make a long pvc pipe for an intake. Then you'll need to run a double walled insulated exhaust to the surface. Which will also need some forced draft fans. Way too complicated for a 600w and a couple of t-5's. You could run electric cable under ground for less than it cost for the generator, or the container for it, or the gas to run it, or the maintenance on the generator, or the backhoe rental. Do you get my drift?

    buy a bunch of hamsters and hamster wheels hooked to a pully system. kinda like the old game The Incredible Machine. :D

    Dude............just run on the grid.
  8. its not just about the money. I am looking for stealth as well as an independent project. thank you for the tips though, I realize I have a great task ahead of me.

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