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Discussion in 'General' started by mosesnumb, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. Anyone else ever feel like its kind of like high school on here sometimes? I'm high, so hopefully it makes sense.

    Like the members with few posts are like the freshmen, they catch alot of slack on here. The members with post counts in the hundreds are the upper classmen, its almost like grades as you look at the individual 100's and join dates sometimes. And the guys that are in the 1,000's (and 10'000's) are the alumni. They not only get the respect they deserve, but do much for the community.

    Thats my rambling.
  2. so your a sophmore?

    and im a badass
  3. Lol. Well if you wanna be a dick about it... yeah... =p jk on the dick comment. My face hurts from laughing so hard from that.
  4. nah not really

    here's a smiley face though: :)
  5. no you're still a sophomore for misspelling the word sophomore.

    now i am waiting for someone with 1,xxx post to come put me in my place :D
  6. yeah, GC is just like HS.

    don't make eye contact with the upperclassmen they're super scary
  7. ALUMNI!! Woot Woot!
  8. yeah if you wanna look at it like that GC is like high school
  9. By those rules I just graduated in June. Woooord
  10. I'm still a sophomore or that's what i would like to think.
  11. All right, into your place. Right there, the smoke tent. :cool: :smoke:

  12. every newbie gets slack (or lack there of). its great tradition

  13. got me there i was held back :(
  14. But if you think about it, the ones with the higher post count usually get more attention and more attention is more judging, so they wait for the big ones to slip, mess up and be attacked by everyone. On the other hand, some kiss their asses and take every rude post as "funny"
  15. Juniors on my dick, theres juniors on my dick. Wait, what?

  16. Still just a school boy sonny...:rolleyes::poke:

    Post counts don't really matter all that much...some people have been around for years and still have lower post counts...

    It's the content of posts that people should be using to determine who deserves their respect and who doesn't...hell, half of my posts are crap...wouldn't be surprised if some people actually think that I am a true idiot...

    As for members with higher post counts helping out...makes sense...most times more experience lets us help out others who have less...just contributing to the community, something I hope everyone tries to do in their own way...:)
  17. at first i got mad at you for challenging my statement, but then i saw ur post count and loled instead.

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