Generation Kill

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  1. good show its been on the past few wks on HBO, they made a 7 part miniseries based on the book of the same name about the First Recon Battalion, USMC, and their foray into Iraq during the initial invasion in 2003.

    Cant wait to see the last few episodes. Your thoughts?
  2. This show is pretty good dude, and its by the guy who created The Wire, probably my favorite show on television.
  3. I am really digging Generation Kill, I must say.
  4. What the fuck, is it really only a 7 part miniseries?

    I thought it was going ot be a whole series.

    Fuck, now I'm very upset.

    BTW the first 3 episodes hvae been badass...or has it been 4? either way, badass show.
  5. moose-stashes:devious:
  6. I'm disappointed in the ending.

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