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  1. So I am a medical marijuana patient in one of the north eastern states where cultivation is not allowed. I have purchased everything I need to cultivate 1-2 marijuana plants in my conominium. Now I know it is risky to grow in a rented area and to make matters worse, I received my seeds with a rip in the packaging where anyone could have seen what was inside. To make matters ever worse the package was delivered to the wrong unit. somebody opened my mail and if they were to see that there were seeds in there it wouldn't be evidence because they illegally searched my mail right? Anyways I'm wondering if I should just give up on growing for now. It is sad because I do have a debilitating illness that I suffer from daily and I was prescribed medical marijuana for a reason. The problem is, it's absurdly expensive in my state and the dispensary is far from my house making it hard to obtain. I'm nervous that somebody knows that I plan to grow and will tip off somebody. My card allows me to have up to 2.5 ounces on me at a time but I know cultivation is a different story. I'm pursuing a career in software engineering and I don't want to ruin my life but I can say with confidence that marijuana has aided me in the combatance of the symptoms I suffer from on a daily basis. It pains me to know that I have already invested a great deal of money and time into learning about cultivation and I do not want to have forfeit my plans. I'm just looking for any advice on the situation.
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  2. Ouch. How well do you know the laws in your state? I'm also in the "uncool" zone, but we've decrimmed here so I'd be looking at a seizure and a fine. No biggie.
    Growing in a condo or apt is tricky. No matter what your filter and exhaust system sometimes your area has to be opened and there's seepage. Drying is even worse and can be very stinky.

    I'd say get to know your laws very well 1st. Then decide from there. Also consider that you'll be seen lugging buckets and possibly bags o ert into your place, no matter how careful you may try to be.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  3. I've been very careful about being seen carrying equipment and what. Marijuana is decriminalized but cultivating is not as far as I know. It just sucks that my package was opened illegally and it could have been a number of people who opened it. I know it wasn't customs because the package arrived safely, it could have either been my doorman who could be nosy at times or the woman who received the package "by accident." I don't understand how they could have sent it to the wrong appartment because my name and address is on there. (Which makes me even more anxious.) It's a real shitty situation but as of right now it seems like I'm going to be lugging this shit into storage and continuing to be ripped off by the state for what I consider medicine.
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  4. I don't know if I fully understand. You have a medical card but it's still illegal for u to grow? Or u don't want to get kick out or ur condo?

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  5. Yeah I do have a medical card and it is still illegal to cultivate(priced at dispensary are 400-500$ an oz which is absurd.) My concern is getting arrested.
  6. I live in a city where they recently banned personal cultivation ... and I live in California

    The ban is against any cultivation doesn't matter if you have your med card.

    Now this only being a city ordinance law ... with that it's basically a city code violation. But that's not stopping me, I'm still growing till I get caught.

    You need to find out the laws and penalties involved.
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  7. Hi im in uk so no nothin about ya laws but i woid be mire concerned who opened yr mail and if they are planning to rob u due to knowing that ya av a crop on the go!!! I wood personally give it a few mnth if you can to see if ya av been sussed out by either robbers or by someone who will report u... if ya grow now then i cud see ya been too paraniod at minute and rightly so.... give it a few mnth then go for it as ya mind and heart will be in it more then wen ya not as paraniod love. Hope it turns out well as i no it sucks wen shit like this happens. Good luck xxx
  8. Nice one. Totally agree... i av laws in uk that are quite shit. But no pain no gain and all that... so same ere... i grow till they stop me.... even then ive carried on... just got to be carefull and hope lady luck is on our side xx

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