General tips for my conditions?

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  1. Ok, heres my situation:

    I am growing one plant that I am starting inside. I give it about 10 hours of light by sitting it on a window sil in very good sun light. Right now, mine looks very similar to this guys

    Only thing different is I have a soda can cut in half with 4 holes around the side and 2 on the bottom. It is set inside a country crock butter tub where the water is. I give the plant water directly by pouring some into the can along with putting more into the tub to the level of the holes. The plant seems to be progressing along well.

    Thing is, this is my first plant that ive acutally been serious about and I wanted to know if there are any tips for things to add to the soil. I am using outdoor soil which has always grown many types of flowers well without problems. Also, would it be good to maybe create a tin foil reflector to put behind the plant to reflect more sunlight?

    I will be transplanting this plant outdoors once it reaches about a foot. I need to make sure I dont "Spoil" it by giving it too good of a treatment that it will not be able to survive outdoors later on. Where I am it we will start getting good weather for growing so Im not worried about that.

    -Sorry for rambling, I am just looking for some general tips for my conditions-
  2. Well, 10 hours of sunlight by a window isn't going to do much. How old is the sprout? It would be wise to do what I am going to be doing. You should go to Walmart, Lowe's, HomeDepot, ect and pick up a 40watt CFL and put that on the sprout untill you put it outside.

  3. The sprout is like...a week old from when I planted it I believe. I forget exactly what day it was.

    How much should that run?

    I attached some pics from my shitty webcam, all I can do right now. Its a little over an inch tall.

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  4. I don't know what to suggest putting the plants in, but somthing other than that. Try styro-foam cups. A 40 watt CFL shouldn't be too much, perhaps $5.99-$10.00 USD.


  5. Whats wrong with what ive got it in? It seems like its a good enough size until I will be putting it outside into a bigger pot. I really only plan on letting it grow to MAYBE a foot indoors.
  6. A plant will never survive in a thing like that. There will never be enough root room in there for it to get a foot tall. It's going to take a couple monthes at least to get a foot tall.. and you won't get it there with AT LEAST 40watts of CFL on it.


  7. For that size and minimal transplanting an 8 inch pot would be best. If you leave it in that it will take forever to get to a foot tall. Also get some better light on it somehow.
  8. My only real concern about putting it in a bigger pot is really that I am trying to keep this on the low and not draw attention to it. The light might be a possability as I do have a small place I would rig something like that up. I have short wooden TV stand that when the door on the front is closed, is completely discreat. I will look into that but as far as a bigger pot, how long should I be able to keep it in my little rig I currently have.
    I just wanna keep this simple and discreat but not kill the plant.
  9. In that little cup? About a week or so maybe two. Why not put it in the Country Crock can there. That will buy you some more time. It is a bit bigger. Drill holes at the bottom though.

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