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  1. Hey Guys, i'm new to growing, and I figured I'd go with outdoor growing to keep it more natural, cheap, and less risky. So if yous don't mind i'm going to ask some questions so I don't get ready to do this and realize i'm in over my head. I'd rather here it from the people themselves then going on google and hoping its right. So here we go...

    I was thinking about getting a pot and putting it 3/4 into the ground so I know where my stuffs at, and it won't be as noticeable in the ground. So...
    -How big of a pot will I need
    -How long until it starts to grow (so I know I don't just have dead seeds)
    -How often do I water it, and how much.
    -How long until its fully grown so I don't have to worry about winter creeping up
    -Also in your opinion, how many should I try growing to start with for the first time.

    I don't need exacts just estimates, any and every bit of advice is appreciated so if theres anything you think I should know please help a friend out! You will probably hear more from me if I decide to go through with it. Thanks alot guys I really appreciate it.
  2. Well you would want to start out in a normal flower pot and when it got about a foot put it in the ground, if you plant the seeds and in 3 days nothing is there nothing will be there, start with watering once a day if it got no rain just a cup or so don't over do it, in a few months it should be ready to bud (some weed is faster than other) first time for fun buy like 5-10 seeds, some wont make it and some will be male, if you are getting feminized good quality seeds get 1-3 you will mess up your first time every now and then so have back up Check out my grow journal in my signature for more help!
  3. I really appreciate the help, you make it sound easy haha. I will definatly check that out, i'm sure it will help alot. Thanks man!
  4. Dude I understand exactly the feeling. I randomly got a 5 week old Kush plant. Hadn't a clue what the fuck to do and a whole family to hide it from. it gets better. Greenthumb is like art, it takes time<3
  5. Are you gonna be growing this year or next?
  6. Haha you lucked out man, I know what you mean with the whole hiding thing, thats gonna be a bitch. The only thing right now that is discouraging me, is the whole male female thing. I only want to grow one after I get one to start and if its a male, I think I'd shoot myself haha. And I think i'm gonna try for this year Lobster, although i'm worried about winter creeping up...
  7. If I was you I would do an auto this late on. ;)

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