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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ThEiLlEsTaRoUnD, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. So im probably going to start an outdoor grow next growing season,But i have a few questions.Whens growing season start?outdoors wise?and whats the best strain to grow for a complete novice?ive never attempted growing before,Id like to grow some really good quality stuff but it doesnt matter to me cuz anything gets me high =]
  2. Check ou the Outdoor Grow guide here on GC or another one. Then you can ask more specific questions. It's a vast subject.

    To answer the 2 you asked:

    - plant after last frosts (April-May) and harvest before 1st frosts (Fall) depending on when the trichomes are ready (use a magnifying glass to look on the buds).

    - try to plant good genetic seeds (bought online for example on Dr Chronic's or Attitude, get a 50 50 indica Sativa hybrid like GHS White Widow or any other hybrid.) because most bagseeds finish very late (waste of time for some of them). Any newbie can succeed in a grow but all plants will need water, sun and an airy soil mix. There is not a plant easy or hard to grow per se although some can "eat" more than others and have better resistance to mold if your area is humid, to drought if it' gets dry etc... But most are about the same and will be fine unless your region requires a specific type of strain. Just don't grow a hazy sativa that'll never finish in time.


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