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General Outdoor Growing Questions...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ctcoyote16, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Ok, I changed my mind about going indoor. Im going outdoor, to save money, hassle, and a bunch of other things.

    I live in a fairly new development, and I have plenty of woods nearby, even a river at the end of my street.

    I know the general rule of thumb is not to grow on your own property, but what Im asking is if its really that big of a deal. I mean, I have like an acre of land, so the best spot to grow might be on my property. Also, I dont want to have to take a hike every time I want to check on my plants, so its easier if theyre close.

    My father and I cut the lawn every weekend in the summer, and we have this area in our woods, up the hill, where we always dump the lawn cuttings. I will take not not to do the grow over there. However, if it is somewhere near there, it might be less obvious to neighbors whenever i have to check on them, since I can do it almost everytime I cut the lawn.

    Now on to some other questions.

    My main concern is getting the plant started. Should I germ the seeds as if I was going indoor? Should I just put it in the soil where my grow spot is? What do i do? Also, I have many concerns as the plant iss going to be up and coming. Since this will be in the spring time, there will be alot of rain. How are all these little seedlings supposed to survive all the weather conditions?

    Thats about it for now, and oh yeah, one more thing, I will be ordering seeds still this winter. Im not used to outdoor strains, but I want to keep my plants smaller (indicas I assume?) and not too smelly.

    Ill check back later after I get some advice.

  2. i wouldnt worry about people finding it...people dont relly look 4 weed plants like us.......this iz wut i wud do id go
    2 a place that sales bulk bird seed thats not processed...i wud dig a ditch around my grow spot...and throw bird seeds around...bird seeds grow tall....might give u sum camoflauge////

    also u can grow like a plant here 2 plants here a few there...u know juz all around....thats wut they do in sum countys to fool the helicopters that fly over 2 look for plants itz all up 2 u ....
  3. hmm, sounds like a plan.

    Yeah, I dont really want to be growing like 10 all in one spot, but im contemplating going with female seeds.

    This way, I dont need to wait forever to know if its male or female, and I dont want to have to keep checking to see if ti male or female, since when that time comes, I dont want to be a second late, I would wanna get the males out of the way immediately.
  4. Also, I think buying female seeds is a good idea, since I get 4 of them. Thats only 4 plants I have to worry about.

    I can plant 2 right by each other, and 1 over there, and another somewhere else (you get the idea). That way, if someone finds one, its less likely that all of them will get jacked.

    However, with using 10 seeds, including males, that means That I can use the leaves of the males for hash. But now that I think of it, I can still use the leaves from the females, and thats going to still be alot...

    I guess im going to go with female seeds.

    Now I just need to find a good strain...
  5. The more I think of it, it seems to me like I will never be able to actually get a grow going. I only want to grow 1-2 plants (females), so its not like im tyring to do a huge op. here.

    However, It just seems like it isnt going to wrk out. I mean, I can walk up my hill in my backyard every 2/3 days (but i know in the beginning it might be a little more) and while that seems fine to most of you, my neighbors might, and probably would, get kinda suspicious.

    Also, growing down by the rivre I live at would be a great idea, since it had fresh running water at easy access. However, having to walk down there all the time would once again raise suspicion by the locals who have homes right by there.


    Well, do you guys think itd be possible, to collect all the basgeed I could, and to just germ them and plant them and basically abandom them? (as in, never really caring for them?)
    Ive heard stories of kids doing this, and coming back at the end of the year to find healthy, grown plants that they later harvested.

    Im in the NE, so we get rain pretty often, maybe like every 3-5 days (obviously except in a hot spell).

    What do you guys think?
  6. whats "not not" ?:confused_2:
  7. its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to late to start growing outside save them till next spring
  8. ya dont have a chance ^^ said......way way WAY 2 late!
  9. its your land why would your neighbors be suspisious tell them you have a compost pile back by your lawn clipping if they ask what you are doing. then you can also put dank composted soil on the plants

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