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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by HumHio85, May 2, 2012.

  1. Has anybody gotten into the GO line? if so opinions please :) Im currently stacking biothrive, bioroot, and biomarine and so far they seem to be doing the trick.
  2. Stacking where? how so? I have not used GO but have noticed very often people posting int the sick plants and problems section. I think it's cool their ingredients are derived from many of the materials frequently used in organic growing, but I am suspicious that it is not certified organic (not even OMRI) so there's not even a pretense to be organic) and even more suspicious that growers who use these products frequently have plant problems and need to scrounge around to fix the PH and buy extra bottles to fix it. I don't know maybe someone has tested them with better results than what I've seen around the City.
  3. I currently use BioMarine as my fish hydrolysate, but was recommended by one of the top-dogs here to move to something else. General Organics is owned and run by General Hydroponics. They kinda hopped on the bandwagon when organics started bleeding into the mainline. Certainly not something you would ever see used on a normal organic farm. The advice given to me was to check out the organic products at a farm and feed store or a serious organic nursery.
  4. You could make your own fertilizers at a 50th of the price and end up with far healthier plants by soaking some kelp meal, comfrey, alfalfa meal in water for six or 7 days.

    Just sayin'.


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