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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by errorisbawse, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. well im thinking about my first grow, not a big project mainly just about 2-3 plants in my closet space thats 1x0.6x2m and i was wondering how bad of a smell would it produce? the strain is Cheese and i live in a small flat thats attached to a lot of other flats but there is no ventilation between the flats..... also im not going for a big grow, looking for around 1.5-2 feet per plants! not thinking or looking to buy any kinds of filters and weed is generally highly tolerated in the country i live. thanks!
  2. Cheese is stinky! Your flat will definitely smell. Will the smell travel through the walls? I don't know... but your entire flat will smell.
  3. i've only grown six strains but so far all six stink up my place lol
  4. the only way the smell can travel outside my flat is through my main door, ill give it a try but if it starts stinking outside my flat then i have to trhow it out, thanks for the info guys!
  5. I grew 2 plants in my room and it stuck all the way outside.

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