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Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by ghetto_ch1ld, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. my seeds have finnally germinated and i need a guide as to what i need to do to keep them happy and healthy im am growing outdoors if thats any help.......

    i have looking in the forum and i found out that male plants are not potent and was wondering how to tell male from female genders?
  2. do a search on male, and females...

    for a guide go too outdoor general, and go to grOwer sticky...
  3. One thing I've noticed about ALL message boards is that most people who come in needing advice neglect reading previous topics. I can understand not reading past the first page of threads. But when your question is asked in several threads before yours, or better yet answered in a sticky in the forum. It's kind of rediculas to ask the question. But I guess is comes with the territory of being stoners... We are by definition, lazy. Of which many of us take pride in.
  4. no biggie.... some times new member need to pointed to the right direction to get started,,,
  5. Been there done that about 2 months ago, now im reeping the benefits !!!!!

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