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General Indoor grow questions

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by DevilRed, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Ive searched and read a few different things on both these questions, but nothing directly what im asking.

    So here goes. Maybe someone can shed some advice my way.

    Ive got a few clones growing (4). When I rooted them they were about 4-5" tall. Ive had them growing for about 6 or 7 weeks now and they have just began to start growing fast (almost too fast for my like).

    Anyway, my searching tells me that a plant at 12" will end up about 24" by harvest time. That said, how long should I wait to start to flower? Could my plants be too young or something? These clones are now about 12" and growing outward as much as upward. I just don't want to run out of room before I flower and then be screwed.

    My next question. Ive got 70w of HPS and approx 200w of floros growing them right now. Should I use only the HPS to flower? My floros are warm whites and some plant floros that are sort of red. I do plan to buy another 70w HPS this week.
    So of the lights mentioned flowering under????? is best?

    Thanks fella's
    Smoke up!

    Oh yea, I plant to clone 4 more clones off my clones and do the entire thing one more time by spring. Ive actually got a 5th clone but that one i plan to veg until spring to use as a mum. She should supply me with plenty of shoots by then :)
  2. you should use all the lights until you get your other 70, and continue to use all lights until harvest, 140 watts of hps lighting will work for you, but with 4 plants, thats going to be kinda tough. flower immediately, or atleast make plans to flower sometime this week, because when you go 12/12 you will stretch.
  3. how tall are they and how bushey? Are they sativa or indica dominant? any pics? And how big is the grow box and how big are the pots?
  4. Plants are white widow, buckets are 3 gallon each, room is 3 foot x 4 foot x 7 feet high (closet).

    ill get some pics later today. But they are not too bad as far stretching, pretty bush so far.

    I actually wish they would slow down growing.
  5. Here are the pics. I put the plants outside for an hour today. It was really warm, and the sun was super bright. I figured the natural sun and some fresh air would do them good for a bit.

    Once again 3 gallon buckes.

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  6. Once again, i think they look pretty good for only 70w hps and just under 200w floro's. Ive been told I "need" more light but they seem good, eh? I do plant to add another 70w hps since its only 50 bucks.

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  7. Yeh they look to be doing decent, n they'll probably do quite a bit better with another 70w hps. and yeh i'd flower within the week.
  8. Okay heres my situation. I want to flower all of them but one. I want to keep one for a mum to clone off. So any great ideas on how to keep them all in the same room with my lights on 24/7 for my mum, but yet trick them into flowering? Would a black trash bag over top of them work?

    Or would my best bet be to move them to a different room for 12 hours?

    Also with another 70w hps will it really help that much? Or by the way they look will they bud up pretty good as is?
  9. Or would it maybe be better to cut me a new clone as of like this week, make sure it roots and then deal with making a little light chamber for it, while I flower out all four?

    Just as fast as these suckers are growing it seems even that clone will be huge before the others are done flowering (about 8 weeks).

    Im actually growing a very tiny male because I want a batch of nice seeds out of this. This first grow as sad as it seems is really more about seeds than the bud, looking toward the future. Seeds and clones for a large harvest next year.
  10. pic of the closet with all four females and tiny male

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  11. pic 2

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  12. buy a 150w hps from home depot its almost the same price as a 70w at around $45. Mount your light horizontaly it will give the plants much more light.
  13. and what kind of floros are they are those 2 tube setups with a cover over them? If so remove the cover.
  14. Yes they are two tube floro's hangin on the walls. They are too long to put above my plants. No they don't have covers its just the glow. Each assembly has one 25w warm white, and one 40w grow bulb (redish looking bulb). The two floro's haning above my plants are 33w each grow bulbs. The 70w hps is on the back wall.

    Ive never seen a 150w hps at Home Depot or Lowes. Do you have a model number? I paid like $$ for my 70w one.

    Heck if I add 150w of HPS to my already 70w of HPS and my 200w of floro's i should be golden.

    350w shouldn't really raise my electric bill much either ( i think).
  15. To add: The best growing plant is directly under the HPS with the floro's at least 8" away from it.

    The floro's seem to work good hanging as they are, the light hits the plant top to bottom. I turn them about a quarter turn daily, so all sides spend time a few inches from them. The floro's up top are only a inch or so from the top of the plants.

    To add: The plant that was flowering (large one on left) that I brought in has taken about a full 5 weeks to switch back from flowering to veg. The leaves are finally the finger type again instead of the solo leaves it had been producing.
  16. no sorry i dont have any item # but ive seen them there before when i was buying my 70w but i didnt have the space for a 150w hps. I think you should just flower with what you have, then buy two 400w hps later on for your next grow. there cheap if you know where to get them- http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26558

    You could do a tight SOG grow in that box and get some amazing 20oz.+ yeilds with thoose good genetics and 800 watts of light.
  17. man do all of you veg 24/7???? That is sooooo bad for a plant and a waste of electricity, go 18/6 happier plants and lower electric bill!!!!! As far as the two hps i would IMO get one MH and one HPS Mh is over looked by many and is a GREAT source of light for the plants cell structure. And will prevent 12/12 strech!!!!!
  18. organic, you dont even want to get into that 18/6 24/7 debate lol, i agree with you on the light thing.
  19. Well im new to the game, so ive just had them on 24/7. Actually the 70w hps shuts down for a few hours, but the floros stay on 24/7.

    I have no real info on the 24/7 or 18 on, 6 off debate. But my plants seem to be growing good on 24/7
  20. look at it like this youre going to go from 24/7 to 12/12, your plants are going to be looking for that extra 12 hrs of light for atleast a week, your plants are going to most likely stretch more than plants that have grown under an 18/6 regime. then again i could be wrong, im stoned and it made sense, but then again i could be completely wrong.

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