General idea of Grasscity?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Never, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. I told my friend today about grasscity and he took it as a joke, himself a stoner he couldnt understand how the forums are interesting and not just his interpretation of every thread on the forum

    "Guys today I got totally blazed and went to mcdonalds and ate 3 big macs"

    "I did that too man was it sick!"

    "We ALL did that today."

    Welcome to Grasscity.

    what was everyone elses general idea when informed or found the city?
  2. Your friend propably doesn't get into forums in general
  3. Forums were just really slow chatrooms when I discovered them.
  4. I use alot of forums, so I was glad I found a place to learn/spread info to other people. Once & weed-forums got shut down tgis site was a relief. GC is definatly the best marijauna site
  5. Some people just dont get into forums, Im sure its not grasscity itself
  6. My first impression was I gotta see wtf all this buzz is about since my boyfriend spent quite alot of time on GC when he chilled with me lol
    very glad I signed up :p GC is great, makes my crappy days better with all the funny shit that goes down.

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