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  1. Can someone help me with the flora series hydroponics(flora micro,flora grow,Flora bloom) i have seedlings about 8 days old and the back of the bottles says to use 1ml of each per gallon of water but if i do that the ppm is about 900ppm and i think that is to strong for seedlings can somehelp me with there own formula from general hydropnics
  2. oh yea i should say i am doing hydro
  3. one more ? does anybody know anything about those pesky asian bettle bugs(looks like orange ladybugs) do they eat plants or what
  4. heres what i use ://

    flora gro 2 1/2 tsp per gallon
    flora micro 1 1/2 tsp per gallon
    flora bloom 1/2 tsp per gallon

    my plants are healthy besides being light starved. Gotta be able to lower ph though. i use about 7 gallons of store bought water every 2 weeeks.
  5. so is this a total of 3 gallons or 1 gallon
  6. i use it, but in soil, so i can't help ya on the mix of it, for soil it's half what it recommends, i had to add like 1ml and 1.5ml, and 1ml again to get 5 litres worth of feed, or something like that, this time i'm just gonna buy a good bloom fert, allthough i liked the results from the general hydro of holland........Peace out...........Sid

  7. yes but not specifically... the little shits actually eat everything... ive been in an instance where theyve eaten tieir way through blinds.... put holes all about the things... the little shits are horrible.. if u see any near your plants kill with extreme predjudice (sp?)
  8. thats not a totall of anything you figure out how much water you need 2 gallons 3 gallons 7 gallons like me and you add the nutes as i listed to every gallon of water. your water will change color and thats fine. makes you feel like its doing something. micro first though. you probrally know that. add all micro first as theres a warning about not doing so could cause nute use a minimum of 3 gallons for your resevior. so totall nutes to add is.....

    micro= 22.5 ml for 3 gallons (7.5 ml per gallon or 1 1/2 tsp per gallon)

    gro= 37.5 ml for 3 gallons (12.5 per gallon or 2 1/2 tsp per gallon)

    bloom= 7.5 ml for 3 gallons (2.5 ml per gallon or 1/2 tsp per gallon)

    so i listed totall for 3 gallons or seperately so you can go by the gallon. im a begginer as well but i know this works and works well as my plants tell me their happy. this is just the grow formula not for bloom

  9. Wizz, this is a good recipe for seedlings in a hydro grow. Nothing I could have added to it.
  10. Thanx johnyttobad and big poppa puff if u have time let me know what u use for flowering and smoke a big one for me
  11. I tried the formula u gave me and it measures 1500 ppm so i dilluted in half to get 750 ppm here is a picture of my babies i have 10 of them kali mist x big bud when they get another inch im going to transport them into individual 3 gallon bubble jug system since the $ is thight so is 750 still to much they sprouted 11 days ago

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  12. does anyone know what the ppm should be
  13. what's with the spanner, in the reservoir?........Peace out.......Sid
  14. i dont know much about parts per million. id like to know more? hint hint. I would say though if you follow what the nutrient series calls for i dont think youd have any problems. earlier in my grow i really pumped the nutrients up even more then what i listed and still the ladies showed no ill effects. i switched because i felt like i was wasting nutes and ultimately it would have caught up to them i think. are you gonna be doing some training wizz? id like pics of that. im attempting to train. if im not mistaken training is for redirecting those growth hormones at the top grow tip, to other places of the plant. hence its suppose to bush a little or overall give you a better yield. training however seems to be a very personal preference as in how you do it. i need some more ideas. i do believe you could start pretty soon. let me know. this is where youll get the flowering recipe. look for phase feeding. you gotta go this site
  15. hey johnytoobad thanks for all the help but as far as training i dont really know what to do this is my first grow and i have know clue how to train or even know what training is for my plants will be 2 weeks old this tues. and are starting their second pair of leaves and sid the spanner i just put in thier to hold the bubbler down thanx guys just let me know johnytoobad
  16. i wrote word for word how to train took me 30 minutes and then when i submitted the reply it said i was not logged in tomorrow ill try
  17. sounds good johnytoobad i appreciate all the help
  18. im back with a progress report im gonna add apic or two just so you can have something to look foward too. as far as training gos i need to reevaluate what i know cause i might not know much. in this first pic shows what toppin can do for you

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  19. see how it branches all over its pretty cool lots of bud sites they say. this pic is of "ol stumpy" and "ye ol birthmark" thats their names stumpster on left the one i topped they are healthy droopy cause the heat
  20. wow awesome looks plentyfull

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