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  1. can these be use to grow in a hydroponics system? I know that they have a nutrient system for organic hydroponic growing (FlorNova), but I have a bunch of the General Organics stuff, and was told that it "shouldn't be a problem". That doesn't sound too certain to me. So, before i go and fuck up my first hydroponics grow, do I have to get a whole new set of nutrients?
  2. i am planning on using DWC - bubble buckets - for the grow.
  3. i don't usually mess with gh on ANYTHING but i have been using ancient forest for about a year and now im hooked
  4. The Gh Line and GO line in my opinion are hit or miss. I'm hooked on the bio-root and Floraliscous. I haven't any complaints with the Bloom or Grow. Since i grow in Coco i like they're organic cal-mag.
  5. i am asking specifically about using them in bubble buckets, though......

    i am not growing in coco or soil.

    i am wondering if they will work in water, in a bubble bucket.
  6. Hiya tommyfills,

    Hey bro, welcome to Grasscity. If you're gonna grow in bubble buckets, I would be wary of using the GO line up or any bottled organic nutes for that matter.

    There are a few different reasons, but my main reason is that you have to carefully maintain the reservoir temperatures and that is problematic. The ideal temp is 68` +/- 2`, and unless you invest in a 400 dollar chiller, you'll be growing a lot of other critters/algae/fungi along with your weed.

    IMO, the best way to do a hydro run with organic nutes is a "drain to waste" system in a coco based medium. Your plants are fed routinely and the runoff goes down the drain. A drip system or ebb and flow would be next, but you also need to keep your reservoir temps in check also.

    Are you planning to do the bubble bucket system because of the high yields the hydro pros are pulling? I ask because if this is your first hydro grow, you are going to experience a learning curve, and it can be brutal with the problems that can/will occur.

    Here's the million dollar want to be an organic grower, or do you want to be a hydro grower? If you truly want to be a hydro grower you should just use one of the many touted synthetic nutrients. If you want to be an organic grower I would go all in and grow in a living soil with organic amendments and not look back.

    Before you decide, spend some time reading some of the organic grow journals and the methods our different organists use to make their medicine. Check out the organic bud shots thread to see what kind of results you can expect.

    I would also do a Google search on drain to waste hydro systems to get a feel for this method. Before I moved up to organic growing, I was growing in a 6 bucket linked BB system. I had some great high yielding runs, but I also fought heat issues with the reservoir temps which subsequently led to root rot. I ended up pulling 6 plants that were weeks into the 12/12 cycle.

    While I was running buckets, I began to follow the methods for growing in living soil and ran both hydro and organic soil at the same time. After the first run with organics, I hung up the buckets and never looked back.

    Yeah, my yields weren't as good, but were good all the same and I didn't lose any plants. I'm happy with the MJ I grow, love the taste and frankly, once my soil is established, I just water them. A couple of AACT's during the grow, some foliar apps for insect suppression and I haven't used my pH meter for a couple of years now.

    Hope this helps,

  7. Chunk,

    Thank you very much for greetings and the suggestions.

    I bought a bunch of stuff to grow organically in soil, but didn't have much luck and then had to leave for a little while for an internship that I got out of town and gave up for a period of time.

    So, I still have the GO line, but a friend of mine has been using bubble buckets with much success, and he suggested that I use that method. I've been thinking about doing another soil grow, and have been contemplating taking my friends advice, so I've been trying to get some suggestions from people who know a lot more than I do. I wouldn't want to use that stuff in a bubble bucket and have anoter failed grow.

    I've been reading as much as I can about growing organic in soil and growing in bubble buckets, and I have looked in to ebb and flo as well as flood systems.

    It's is just a matter of making up my mind at this point, and learning through action.

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