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    I've been using the Lucus formula in my DWC system, works great. I stopped by my local hydro store today to pick up some more Flora Micro and Flora Bloom and the guy told me about this stuff, FloraDuo. Its a 2 part feeding system based on the Lucus formula. He said its more rounded and produces better results. He also said you use less and it was a litle cheaper. Anyone else use this stuff? The dude said its only been out for about 3 months and the general hydroponics website doesn't even have it listed as a new product yet.

    Seems pretty easy to use, just a few tablespoons of each per gallon.


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  2. Any more info on this?
  3. GH New Floraduo?? - THCfarmer

    according to this..... the new duo has chleated nutrients... now that sounds like its worth its weight in gold... i saw this the other day... im gonna go pic some up tomorrow
  4. after more research, it appears that GH has released this product for two reasons...

    their new feed chart for Duo uses more nutrients, so it uses more product and will cost more, and its a response to feedback for the sticky nova series clogging up hydro lines

    unless it has the chleated nutrients, its a waste, more or less
  5. Can u post a pic of the ingredients etc?

    I wanna see if it has chleated nutes like Tihspeed is sayin


  6. Yeah, here ya go. The green is part A and the red is B. Both say chelated on em. Forgive me, I'm a newb. lol. What exactly is chelated?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  7. It should mean that it won't matter what ph your running...

    Lots discussion on this very topic
  8. Really? So they are accessible regardless of your ph? Awesomeness for sure...especially when your PH electrode suddenly goes wonky! Luckily I had some GH PH test solution on hand this morning the 30 min I had to change 2 reservoirs
  9. im looking into it, but it appears that all nutrients must be chleated in order for it to be worth it... so... maybe if enough of them are chleated it could push the PH to the ideal range, but you would have to follow their nutrient levels in order for it to matter...

    and im guessing they will suggest a EC reading of the water before the nutrients are added or my guess is it would throw the whole thing off
  10. Sorry to wake a dead thread, but I've just ordered a set of the Duo.

    FYI, it looks like the some of the micronutrients are chelated, which means they are more readily available to the plant. You will still need your PH in check, because the macronutrients need to be made available, too, but odds of having a micro deficiency are lower, which is a good thing. I really like FloraNova line, but the thick solution makes it harder to mix appropriately. The Duo line should be much easier to mix, and therefore administer more consistent doses of nutrients.
  11. i have just set up a 160L/40+G 8 site rdwc room using floraduo & diamond nectar.
    very happy after 3 weeks in veg(scrog) .

    how did you get on with it Original past/Tihspeed ?


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