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General Hydroponic question: Feed Chart?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by Dr.Gonzo420, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Hey GC,

    I have set up two DWC hydro systems, one is for clones, and other is for veg/flowering, the nutes i have are:

    General Hydro:

    i also got some microbe lift - bloom & grow on sale because they didnt have a lid, but they are still brand new - one was 35.00 on sale for 5.00 (500ml) other was 70.00 0n sale for 15.00 (1L) im not sure if they are any good but they seem to be fairly high quality and the guy at the store said that they were some really good nutes.

    What would you reccomend as a feeding schedule?

    Should i mix both brands? if so, how much should i use?

    Should i mix the Gen. Hydro nutes? If so, how much of each?

    What little tweaks could i do to the two DWC systems that could maximize/increase the yield?

    Is their anything i should know about DWC systems? This is my first hydro grow =]

    I have two pumps, one is a weaker for the smaller cloner, and the other is twice as big for the veg, any suggestions would be deeply appreciated, i have two airstones lining each of the setup insides. cloner=shorter----veg=longer obviously :p =] Hydrotron clay pellets and rockwool with 2" net pots for clones and 5" for veg =]

    any input will be deeeply appreciated and repped ;)

    Thx everyone in advance!

    Happy Growing,

  2. also: has anyone else used microbe lift before for hydro nutes?
  3. with new clones i like to give around 200ppm once i see vertical growth, and up it by 100ppm every 6 inches or so, or if i see it go deficient, up what ever it needs. but this isnt fool prof, i have a mother thats 4' tall getting 500ppm and loving it, and a dif strain thats less then 3' getting 650ppm.

    GH has a chart on the back of each bottle, follow it and monitor ppms,& ec, that way u know how much ur feeding if u go deficient or over feed. thats the only good advice i can think of with food, cuz not every strain needs the same amount of food.

    and the microbe lift, im reading thats its for aquatic plants... see if it has dissolved CO2 if it does give it a try.
    and if ur gonna use both give half of the recommended dose of each bottle, and measure the ppm
  4. With GH, it sounds like you have bloom and grow only correct? You will need Micro as well. Always add micro to water first, then add the others and never mix them in concentrate form! Just go with the instructions on the bottle but make sure you get Micro! It is very important.
    Good luck,
    Dr. T
  5. What these guys said is sound advice imo. Use those instructions on the bottle. That is a good all round formula and will produce results. Then you can maximize yield by fine tuning the regimin as you get a feel for your specific strains needs. It's not a 1size fits all to get max harvest, but the bottle instructions will get you a healthy harvest no doubt.
  6. ty evryone, i got all three now, bloom-grow-micro, shud be a sick hydro grow =]
  7. You're good to go now brother! Good luck and thx for the rep. Also, for some DWC pointers, check out my thread in my sig. Just started it in the spirit of sharing. Peace

  8. Sick setup man subbed for sure! mine is somewhat like it just not buckets, tubs =] ill post some pics once i get it up and running!
  9. have you looked into the lucas formula at all?

  10. Yeah, the lucas formula IMO is by far the simplest and most affordable way to run DWC with GH nutrients and it only uses Micro and Bloom so there are only those two to buy! It covers all macro and micro nutrient needs and I ran it religiously for about three years on tons of buckets! I just got bored with it and wanted to try something new so I switched to H&G's Aqua Flakes line. It's quite a bit more expensive but I am digging the results. I personally think everyone doing DWC should start with lucas and tweak it as they go along. Good luck!
  11. Just So everyone knows, General hydroponics have a nutrient calculator on their website!! Also unless u bought the GH FLORA NOVA(2 part Grow and Bloom) fertilizer series, YOU STILL NEED TO BUY GH MICRO FOR FLORA 3 PART FERTS: GROW, BLOOM AND MICRO!!
  12. For christ's sakes the poor kids wiping spit off his glasses now!

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