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    I need nutrients calculate general hydoponic flora trio for soil for my autoflower applied for 8 weeks
  2. That's not a question man.
  3. Go to the Gen. Hydro. website & look for their downloadable chart of nutrient strengths - "Flora Series Simple Recirculating" version. This chart is broken down by week, including estimates of what each strength will give you for ppm's (your actual will vary based upon your local water quality). Keep in mind, these formulas may be too strong for some nute sensitive strains, once you get past the "Early Growth" / week 2 formulation. Check your ppm's after mixing, and daily afterwards. If your ppm's go down the mix is too weak (probably not going to happen if you use their full formulations).
    If your ppm's start going UPp after the initial mix, this is telling you that formula is too strong for your plant at that stage of growth. Add straight water to dilute the mix & bring the ppm's down. But it's important to maintain the ratio of the various ingredients as they list on their website. If that sounds confusing, think of it this way:
    The "Early Grow" formulation states to use 10mL Grow, 7.5mL Micro, and 2.5mL Bloom PER GALLON. Use that same amount of measured nutrients, but add it to 2 gallons of water for a 50% strength nutrient mix. Or do the math to mix two gallons of nutes but add it to 3 gallons of water for a 66% nute strength. Look for the right strength that stays stable as the plant takes up water, and you will have found what that particular plant likes for strength.

    Hope this helps & bestaluck to ya.

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