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  1. Just Switched over to 12/12 today hoping someone can tell me some ways to know when its ready to harvest, what should i be expecting in the first 2 weeks?, is there anything additional that needs to be done know that they are in 12/12? what is your opinon on tying down branches for light to access different areas? all feedback good or bad is appreciated

    thanks. J

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  2. Keep an eye out for little sacs or tiny white hairs. sacs being male, hairs being female. If you want to keep it simple, start bending those 2 main branches down gently everytime you check em for the next 2 weeks. start next to main stem and make gentle bends down to the sides while working your way up the stem. you can train them to be a little more horizontal than vertical.
  3. Tieing down is good, search here on GC for "LST" (low stress training).

    Check the trichomes under 25x-75x magnification to know when they are ready for harvest, it's the only reliable way to know.
  4. i have not used any nutes up to this point does anyone suggest starting now during flowering? (today is the first day of 12/12 under the hps) and thanks for the tip on gradual bending.
  5. no prob, you'll be suprised how much of a difference it makes for the undergrowth. plus you can get the light a tiny bit closer as the growth spreads out instead of shootinb up towards it. just be very careful,it sucks bad to snap a main branch just before flowering. good luck
  6. if you dont have quick access to fox farm or advanced go to a dept store/home depot and get miracle grow bloom booster and some superthrive. the super thrive comes in handy for lots of stuff, can be used in seedlings,clones,vegging, flowering, disease and pest control. just really good all around stuff
  7. ill get ahold of some and start using asap, thanks for all the help man
  8. just use a 1/4 tsp ( pinch worth) per gallon of bloom booster. and a cap full of superthrive every other gallon. no prob dude, hope everything works out for ya
  9. will post soon with updated pics
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    i am having a horrible time finding mylar at any local stores including home depot and menards??? any suggestions
  11. use white paper or white paint.
    They reflect almost as well and are way cheaper!
  12. is it relatively normal to see some discoloring on your leaves during the first week of flowering??
  13. Sometimes the inner part of the leaves gets a little lighter. If it actually burnt, usually starting with the tips thats from the light. Any pics??
  14. yeah i just took some to show the spots it has lightened up around, i went and bought the bloom booster today thx again for the tip and as for the superthrive i had to go through the internet in order to find, as for the leaves being burnt im not so sure? may be wrong but im using a 150w hps and the top leaves are atleast 24 inches from light hood, all comments welcome

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  15. how is the ventilation/temps in there? i usually keep my 150w hps anywhere from 8-16" away. anything more and it starts to stretch more than i like. i just threw a large box fan blowing up through the canopy and it keeps it cool and has much more vigorous growth that close =]

    using nutes will surprise you if you havent used them yet.. they go crazy when starting 12/12 with nutes also
  16. It appears to be from the light. You could use a small fan blowing air right at the top between plant tops and light. Or just slightly keep raising til you find a sweet spot that dont burn em. The fan works good though, it allows you to get light little closer. You dont need anything huge really, just a $5 fan to move the heat
  17. i think that discoloration is due to the plant trying to suck up nitrogen and juice from its fan leaves. Since you have been starving it in its veg mode, it started to eat it self to keep growing, so that might be the case. I dont think its from over nute obviously, and that light is too weak and far away to hurt. Only other thing is that the fan dries up the tips and the light finishes them off. From here its gona get hard because its when you start seeing your time paying off. In the first 2 weeks expect the preflowers, either two white pistals from the female, or like a bunch of balls from a male. Then in the 3-6 week into flowering the flowers of the plant start to get covered in pistils, and around the 3rd to 4th week trichrome development starts.(FLUSH 2 WEEKS B4 HARVEST) In i 6-8 weeks in flowering you see the calyxes in the bud swell and some of the pistils turning from white to orange to reddish brown..depending on the strain, if its indica the window of harvest starts in the 8th week mark. When its around the time to harvest, buy a pocket microscope and check the trichromes for milky and amber heads.. depending on your taste harvest when the ratio is where you want it. DONT HARVEST WHEN ITS MOSTLY CLEAR TRIS. Milky is head high, amber is body high. Hope this helped bud.

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