General expectation (yield) of an outddor plant?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DevilRed, May 1, 2003.

  1. Ive been doing a lot of reading on yeild of plants guy grow indoor and maybe im wrong, but in general is the yield per plant outdoor generally higher than inside.

    For instance a widow grown indoor would typically produce ???

    widow grown outside from May to Oct would produce???

    Ounce per plant outside possible???
  2. too variable to say.......depends on a lot of things, and the genetics of the plant could get from 0-400g........Peace out.......Sid
  3. just know that you will likely get 100 - 200 more grams growing outside... as just stated though it depends on a lot of things

    but yeah.. white widow if grown correctly can produce over 400 g... my white widow that i grew indoors a few years ago produced about 145 g
  4. Well im just looking in general. Say you took two female seeds from the same plant.

    Planted one outside and took good care of it, not pampered, but cut the tips a few times, etc.

    Did the same indoors with the other seed.

    So if done proper outdoor my plants could produce $500-$700 in bud.

    Ive got White Widow, Jamaican Pearl, Bubble Yum, and some strong ass shit from a buddy that I don't know what it is. Not sure what strain, but wowzaaa! sticky ickey and stinky whoooo. Im not complain'n about him not telling me the strain, he gave me about 200 seeds for free.

    My deal is I don't know what are male and what are female of the seeds so ive got 14 plants going, being optimistic I hope 5 will be female. When the plants get about 12" I plan to take a slip off each one and clone each plant if all goes good I hope to get 5-8 female plants that make it to harvest time in October.

    Hope to get about 5k worth of bud or more seem realistic?
  5. you would be doing very well to acheive that much bud on your first grow.....and also successfully clone as well..........when anyone ask's how tall and how much bud will i get the best i can say is....."when you have a kid how tall are going to be?"......impossible to tell isn't it?......and also what build will they be?.......again impossible.........Peace out......Sid
  6. Well lets say the average grow?

    Ive done the clone before, ive got that down good, about 9 out of every 10 make it with other plants (roses).

    I do plan to prune the plans often to try and get more tips.

    I just hope I have more females from the get go.

    Of the 20 plants I put out I would love for 40% to be female.
  7. well 40% isn't too much to ask as the general expectency is approx give you an idea, i trigger at 12" and get anywhere from 1-2oz per plant, depending on training, however i grow an outdoor strain indoors....hence the lower yield.....but i just like this strain......Peace out......Sid
  8. Outdoor will produce more. No argument.

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