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  1. Anyone ever had bad experiences with it?

    I had surgery today on my mouth. 4 wisdom teeth removed, 2 baby teeth removed, and two gold chains attached to the adult teeth way up in my gums that are crooked and couldn't come in on there own. An operation I should have had at least 5 years ago.. shitty dentists.
    Anyway, first they hooked up some nitrous oxide to my nostrils, and attached something to my vain which was the anesthesia. Kept telling me to breathe in, breathe out, squeeze my fist, etc. and I wouldn't knock out. He ended up having to attach anesthesia to another vain which he's never had to do before.

    Then apparently I woke up during it, threw my arms and legs around, and bit the mans finger twice :confused:. I did not drink or eat anything after 12 like I was instructed to. Although, I did smoke and have about 2 beers the night before, but I doubt that had anything to do with it.
    He was saying I must have severe underlying psychological and emotional problems. drug addictions too. (I only drink, smoke weed, and the occasional shrooms and promez/codeine)

    The doctor is a really well known mouth surgeon here. He administered the anesthesia, not an anesthesiologist. So he could be talking out of his ass, I don't know... Anyone have similar experience?
  2. No, but I had my tonsils out a few years ago because I kept getting ear infections and strept throat, and I had Anesthesia for that, at least I believe. I was hooked up to an IV, and then a mask was put over my mouth and nose. They said to breathe in and count down from ten to one. I don't even think I got to seven.
  3. Anesthesia has alway's gone very smoothly for me. But it can be unpredictable, that's why Anesthesialogist's are SO well paid. Some people respond differnt, have a really high tolerance to the effect's or just get knocked right out.
  4. I had an operation, in a hospital, recently with general anesthesia - no way I would have been able to thrash around. My arms were stapped down, something else was holding my head, and some kind of balloon things were inflated around my legs to prevent blod clots.

    Sounds like that doctor is covering his ass so that you don't get the urge to sue. I would try to get out of paying the bill, if insurance didn't cover it completly.
  5. Lol, I only had anestesia once I think. And I got strapped into the chair haha, because I was nervous as shit and started yelling at the doctor lol.
  6. That's really strange, man. I recently had surgery on my mouth and smoked the night before and the night after the surgery....terrible idea i know, but it didnt fuck me over at all. Never had any bad reactions to the anesthesia at any point.
  7. not everyone reacts the same to ANY drug. there have been serious reported cases of people who are given anesthetics who simply have the drugs disconnect the nervous pathway that makes you not move when you sleep, but remain concious.

    so basically, you're completely immobile, paralyzed temporarily, and completely aware of what is going on, feeling 100% the pain of the surgery and completely unable to say a single thing about it.

    that's the kind of shit that really freaks me out about surgery...
  8. i've had anesthesia around 12 times for surgeries regarding a birth defect i have, and not once have i awaken during it. He must have not given you a high enough dosage, and caused you to wake up and react from it.

    I do get sick after i wake up from nausea if i dont take anti nausea medicine before the operation.

    Strange though, i hope you recover.
  9. HAHA Im sorry but you made me LOL really hard on that one.:laughing:

    But I never really had to go under the anesthesia for anything.
  10. maybe the thing he gave u was an opie along with the n2o. your from screwston so if you sip a lot of lean then u wuld have an opie tolerance i guess.

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