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  1. Hello! First grow here in a hydroponic set-up. I have some pictures here to show the progress of my plants.

    I know that the top two plants in both photos are wilting, and I am fairly certain it is due to over-watering/over-nuting. Otherwise, what other things look off about my plants that may need fixing? Feel free to say anything helpful. One thing in particular I am having issues with is getting the top two plants' roots to grow into the basin. Not growing very far into the basin and I fear they might not at all if the nutrient issue doesn't shape up any.

    The plants are about 2 1/2 weeks into veg. Using maxi-grow on compressed (but watered) soil discs.

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  2. Hello? Anyone there?
  3. Well, for anyone that is looking at this now, I need help with my leaves. The very top ones are yellowing on my left plant now. Its not on the tips, just that the whole outer half of the top leaves are yellowing and are wilting a bit. Any advice? Thanks.
  4. If you want my honest opinion, I'm going to give it to you. You obviously have little or no grow experience. Unless you have a mentor around, someone who knows their stuff with hydro, I would throw that thought of a hydro setup and grow out the door and start over with soil. If you have no experience with that type of grow and you've not been proactive and done the research to learn how to work a hydro setup, you're going to burn your plants up one by one until you learn how to do this. It is very complicated and confusing to someone who has no grow experience at all. You have no idea why the plants are doing what they're doing because you have no idea what you've done wrong. You need to grow a couple of plants in soil. When you get to the point you can take a plant from seed or clone to harvest successfully, THEN you might consider doing a hydro grow. You're in way over your head with this and for it to ever work, you've got to get down and figure out the right way to do it which is going to require some effort on your part. Believe it or not, hydro is not the lazy man's way to grow. It requires work and effort just like anything worth having in life. There are tons of threads in the hydro section here on the forum that you can read and look at pics to get the basics of growing if you insist on doing a hydro grow. It's kind of like trying to bake a cake without a recipe. It's usually a flop. One of those two plants is obviously crispy fried and I'm suspicious that the other one is well on it's way to getting there too. TWW
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  5. Looks like you overnuted for sure with a hydro setup you should practice with soil or something easier before moving onto an advanced growing technique. That crunchy ass plant looks sadly murdered. I tried a dwc system I built myself but it takes too much work compared to a soil grow.
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  7. I appreciate the honest opinion, White Widow. Yes, I am new to this. I didn't consider hydroponics the "lazy man" way of growing, but just a more discrete way. I never considered you couldn't really do it as a beginner. I did do a good bit of research, but theory isn't the same as practice I suppose. :\

    So, I suppose I'll scrap the plants and try again with soil. At least I'll have the equipment I need on standby.
  8. The good news is that you're not too far along. This should only set you back two weeks tops if you restart in soil asap. They grow fast. Sorry about your luck! Hope things start looking up for ya!
  9. If you want to kinda do something in hydro look up coco coir....

    I'm a noob and I'm growing in it for my first grow. And I'm having fun! It takes a hydro sort of approach, in the sense that you have to monitor PH between and that you supply the nutes it needs.

    It's easy and once you're in the veg stage it's really hard to over water.

    Just some food for thought

    Here's my link

    Steady's 220wat LED Grow (first grow)
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  10. hempy buckets and lucas formula is a good start too..hydro has no buffer so goes to hell quick if you make a mistake
  11. z
    Sounds interesting, but your setup looks expensive. I might try coco coir outdoors, if that's possible.
  12. I've been looking into that, and that seems like a cheap, viable option. But I've mentioned (as also White Widow did too) that I'm brand new to growing in general. Would that be possible for someone like me, or should I grow in soil first?
  13. I'm using the kiss method, it calls for Maxibloom only through seed to harvest

    My most expensive thing is my LED
  14. Hi . I learnt in siol and its tuk me 6yrs to goto coco lol. Im a slow progressor!! But siol always did jystise for me. Its only due to wanting to try something new that taken me to start coco. Learn in siol first till ya comfortable. Get used to ya nutes ph. Tds etc etc then av a go at hydro etc. You may still lose a few plants whilst learning but siol is gud and fun and ya learn how the plant grows and its cycle etc. Good luck and do the siol thing. Wish ya all the best for a beautifull growing future. we all av to learn and soil is best way xxx

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