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  1. Here's the deal guys, I've been anxious to push through a business proposal that has been developing in the back of my head for the past few months and I've found a niche that could very well benefit legalization efforts and stimulate internal reformation among the cannabis community overall so I'd like to take it plenty of steps further. (note I've been working on this for a good chunk of time)

    The business itself isn't the main concern, as the logical thought process for completion is practical methodology; I'm more interested in figuring out how I can go about finding someone to help me push through these efforts, the best candidate would honestly be a female with physical and social appeal.

    While I know plenty of women that meet some of the most critical components for viability, they all are still lacking in the area showing a genuine interest in more than just smoking bud and having the occasional talk about it, so that obviously won't cut it...any thoughts?
  2. Dont really know how we can help you if you don't even give us a clue about the biz idea.
  3. Well I guess the best way to describe it would be as a concept dealing with an online portal that builds a community around the people surfacing as members, it's more than a grass city type thing, kind of heads into CC without the same cliche content being covered, and with much more curb appeal to the general population. the ideal person would probably be educated, classy, sexy, well versed, responsible, and hard-working. It doesn't intend to discriminate, but it does thrive on specific characteristics most people like to follow which coincidentally are unimportant as far the actual topic being discussed is concerned.
  4. So basically your idea is a website that allows people to discuss the benefits of cannabis and present facts to the general population? If your making a website, I dont know why a business partner would have to be specifically a female with physical and social appeal, as I dont think many people visiting the website would ever know who you or your partner are.

    Correct me if im reading this wrong.
  5. [quote name='"Rollin Cr00k3d"']So basically your idea is a website that allows people to discuss the benefits of cannabis and present facts to the general population? If your making a website, I dont know why a business partner would have to be specifically a female with physical and social appeal, as I dont think many people visiting the website would ever know who you or your partner are.

    Correct me if im reading this wrong.[/quote]

    OP probably needs start up money to get website running. If you honestly think this is going to be big, then go in alone. Look what happened to Mark Zuckerberg.
  6. Create and develop a business plan and strategy. Post a craigslist ad maybe for someone to help you with some of the intial logistic work maybe. The more effort and time you put into your actual plan, the easier it should go. Dont skimpt on the plan and strategy.. maybe some random business student could help you.
  7. Yes and No, it's a more vigorous set-up than that, with the user-end community being an attractive trait but not the centerfold piece that would give it the value it's seeking. The only reason I'm seeking a business partner is because the workload required to premiere the site is incredibly intense, and I figured dividing the workload would possibly shorten that time frame; it's kind of difficult to explain "her" position in all of this without throwing out the entire concept.

    Start-Up money is not an issue at all, the costs are rather low, and even higher they could easily be covered. It's just that the majority of ventures that are started by individuals have a tendency to under-perform those that seek out a partner for success. Ideas, Thoughts, Expansion, etc. all take a different form when they're bounced off another person. Your comment is certainly motivating so I might just consider doing just that.

    I have already. It's a 26 page executive summary, and it wasn't created for outside investors. It's a road map for success and something like a blue print for those times when things may not be at their peak. I guess a craigslist ad is possible, I was halfway through posting one yesterday, but I don't really know who looks at them and how productive it would have been. I guess I should give that a try since both of my ideas have been re-iterated in your post. Thanks buddy!
  8. No offense, but based on the extremely vague info you've given, what I gather of this idea has been done a million times with no success.... you can never determine your own audience. Twitter was not meant to be what it is today.. and neither was Facebook. There are also already SOOO MANY social networking sites for stoners and they're all pretty much the same exact thing...

    still also trying to figure out why you need an attractive female... I'd say "I'll do it, pay me." but I already have my little website and passion project and all that... not sure if I'd even have the time
  9. Those statements hardly hold-up, a target audience can very easily be reached with proper marketing strategy in a business plan, maybe not every last one, but it would be silly for you to even assume that any company doesn't evolve and expand with progress. There's a reason data analysts exist, not sure if you're aware of what their functions are in markets, but I guess you'll eventually understand. Anyway, you're entirely wrong. I have no intention of creating a social networking site for "stoners", and no intention of failing. The female is there to handle the progression behind the scenes concerning's geared towards a market that's thriving today and still for the most part remains untapped after plenty of research on my end.

    No offense, but you wouldn't fit the bill. Congrats on your website and all, but your attitude is rather drab. It's a trend I've noticed on here and it's only been a couple weeks since I've joined, I don't understand why there's so much negativity and this creepy sort of passive hostility that makes my neck twist. Best of luck though, don't mean to offend, just disappointed in some members attitudes.

  10. I am not entirely wrong. I just read a whole article the other day about how the target audience for many ideas wound up being completely different than what they had planned. It's fact.. don't tell me I'm wrong, that's completely unnecessary and rude. What's up with your attitude anyway? All I said is that you're being extremely vague, and what you're describing sounds like just another stoner social network. And why do you need a female to do public relations? Men are very good at that as well.

    So, what market is it aimed at? Why can't you spit it out?

    Wow, well... that's fine, because your project, as I said, is bound to fail like all the others. You really don't come across well in this thread.. just sound really pretentious and uninteresting. Good luck with your lame project, bro.
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    You said: "you can't reach your target market"
    I said: "you are wrong...(followed by an explanation for a bit of credibility)"
    It simply isn't fact, and at no point did I insult or put you's okay to be wrong last I checked right? :confused:

    I don't know why you're being so hostile over the simple effort of me trying to reach out to people...I'm sorry I'm not your flavor of choice, but I've been absolutely respectful to you. For the record to have a "drab" personality simply implies that you're uninterested, the spark was indeed lacking on your end correct me if I'm wrong...cause it's definitely something you mentioned yourself. No one is trying to corner you, you can settle down. :smoke:

    EDIT: The reason I'd prefer a female is because the circumstances future cooperates would be placed in would favor the attention of a female as far as issues are concerned that may or may not influence those working as "cooperates".

  12. For starters, you still never said what it is you're trying to do.

    Without telling us what you're doing, nobody has a clue as to what you're talking about - it's all mindless "business" drivel with no actual details. It's all a bunch of words that tell us nothing.

    I am not hostile, but I am most definitely on alert. You say you've been absolutely respectful to me, yet you said my "attitude was drab" then went on to whine about people being "negative" or "passively hostile". Did it ever occur to you that maybe you need to learn how to communicate on an internet forum? Get to the point already, jeez.

    You did not say my personality was drab - you said my attitude was drab (which didn't even make sense, to be honest with you.) Now you say my personality is drab? Have you ever seen my videos? That's the last thing anyone would ever say about me. You aren't making any sense, dude.

    As far as being "uninterested" in your project.. yes.. how the hell can I be interested in something if I don't know what it is?
  13. I'll be your business partner.

    I have no money, I'm a male, and I'm only average looking, but I did take a marketing and advertising class in high school.
  14. That's exactly the misunderstanding lol...I was more than clear, I introduced what it is that I'm doing. It has little to do with my question, my questions was asking for advice on how to seek out a business partner...simple as that sheesh.

    One person mentioned craigslist, someone else suggested I go at it alone..but all are suggestions surrounding the topic, whether I want to lace every blunt you smoke with cocaine or if I want to raid every grow-op in this country is slightly irrelevant. She simply has to be a female with curb appeal and profound knowledge on the topics of cannabis. Other than that, I'm curious to know where it is I can find retreat, strip clubs, norml chapter meetings, sex addicts meeting, anything haha I just don't see why it is that I have to "spit it out", I think you're the one missing the point.
  15. Again, you still haven't said what it is you're working on.... and really.. asking how to find a business partner? If you can't figure that out, maybe you shouldn't be in business?
  16. troll?

    you've many numerous posts that tell us nothing.

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