Gender Wage Gap

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  1. The Wage Gap As A Profit Opportunity - Business Insider

    This is an interesting take on the gender- wage gap.

    Here's an excerpt.

    ""At a party the other night I met a young man who is in law school and hopes to, upon graduation, do “public interest” work. He cited the statistic that women get paid only 74 percent of what men earn for exactly the same work. He said that he had gone to “socialist summer camp” as a child and still believed in most of the tenets that he had learned, e.g., that corporations are soulless profit-seeking machines who would destroy society in pursuit of the last dollar. He cited Walmart as an example of the worst possible enterprise. I asked “Couldn't Target then destroy Walmart simply by hiring an all-female workforce and undercutting Walmart on costs? Consumers don't usually check to see who works at a big box store before buying paper towels on sale.”
    His explanation was that otherwise heartless capitalists are generous when it comes to men. In order to perpetuate the patriarchy they are happy to pay a 30-percent premium in order to have a man in a job that a woman would do equally well at a lower wage.

    Please discuss his hypothetical business strategy, why you all think a gender wage gap exists (if you think one does), etc.....
  2. The majority of corporations are negative.

    There's a documentary floating out there that likens corporations to psychopaths... That's a scary thing, having a psychopathic entity with that much power.
  3. Men more money because men work more overtime. It's that simple.

  4. So, that being said, what do you think about the topic?
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    I'd like to see this happen. It would shake things up a bit, and may even raise women pay rates if they really are lower.

    I'm not sure if there even is a gender wage gap.
  6. Some multinational corporations are definitely evil and some have a strong pull with many governments. Monsanto would be a good example of that. Corporations need to be stripped of their government granted personhood. The corporate officers should be liable to both their shareholders and the public in that they can be personally sued for doing the public harm. We also need to decentralize our government like the Founders intended.
  7. This pretty much wraps it up haha
    More work = more pay
  8. Basically that's how it works. If people are unwilling to hire minorities or women, or pay them both under that of a different group, it will put that business at a competitive disadvantage to other firms. Those other firms will gladly take the unwanted labor. Once many businesses seek this undervalued labor, that demand will raise their wages up to that of their white/male counterparts. If all businesses care about is profit, like every liberal accuses them of, then wage gaps can't exist. They will only exist if a business owner puts profits second, and personal prejudices first.
  9. The fucking patriarchy? male privilege = being able to pee while standing up.

    Female owners get tax breaks that's why guys put their wives as 51% owners

    I'm sure if someone only hired females they'd have the ACLU up their ass.

    If they hired all females would there be a gender wage gap though? you could just pay them less than other stores but equally at your own store.
  10. I guess you missed the bottom of the post. All corporations care about is profit and a patriarchal society.

  11. Basically my point in posting this was the fact that I don't understand when feminists and others bitch about wage inequality.

  12. Oh I see. Damn those patriarchal corporations!
  13. One could argue that we live in a matriarchal society, but then what would feminists have to talk about? lol
  14. This is done to set up an LLC and protect personal assets. Women business owners do the same with their husbands. Not because women get tax breaks (we don't, as a general rule)
  15. I heard otherwise, but I guessI'm not up to date.

    Women CEOs are sexy.

  16. This is a fact.
  17. In CA it pays to be a woman / minority in business if you're going for a government contract.

    Government contracts (because of bonds and such) generally always go to the lowest bidder, and in CA if you're a woman owned business they will reduce your bid amount 5%.. and another 5% if you're a minority! That means that for a Caucasian male to be cost competitive for the contract they would have to reduce their cost an additional 10% just to compete.. now that is buulllshit.

    These arent the types of things that keep my up at night, just pointing out the utter loonacy.

    Like others have said, the market dictates what someones value as an employee is. If someone is not getting paid what the unbias' market would dictate I would gladly swipe that person for my own busniess I dont care if they were from another planet. This whole convo is just stupid.

    Also, Met Witman is not sexy.
  18. Hilary Rowland is.
  19. [ame=]Thomas Sowell Dismantles Racialism and Feminism in under 5 Minutes - YouTube[/ame]
    Bitch got straight-up owned
  20. There is no gender wage gap. Most of feminist theory is about one notch above ancient aliens and the people who thought the end of the world was today.

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