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Gender ratio among tokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zippidee, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Do you guys think there's a difference in how many girls vs. how many guys smoke?

    It seemed like in high school it was mostly guys and maybe a few chicks who smoked at parties or with their boyfriends. Now that I'm in college it seems to have evened out, but I still think I have more guy friends that blaze every day or more than I do girl friends that do the same. It's even more pronounced when it comes to dealers - I only know one chick that deals but I know lotsa guys.

    Idk why it's like that though. Maybe it's just more expected for guys to do it so they get into it earlier and heavier?
  2. Girls tend to do cocaine more, if it's any consolation
  3. A lot of girls smoke who you don't even know do so. They just aren't as open about it as guys.
  4. My freshman year I bought weed strictly off of woman. Kind of weird but I could only find girl dealers. :smoke:
  5. Yeah, but they usually don't do it as much.

  6. i know a bunch of chicks that smoke for the occasion, and then i know a bunch of stoner chicks that i went to high school with that smoke, im also finding alot of my aunts smoke!

    EDIT: Oh yeah and my mom tokes ! ;)
  7. My main dealer is a woman.
    And my girlfriend can out-smoke me any day of the week.
  8. Men are more prone to excess in just about everything than women are.
  9. Lol you guys are funny. I smoke tons of weed, don't really deal it, but I can outsmoke a lot of guys that I know. It really depends on what kind of person you are, not what your genitals look like.
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    For cocaine men are more likely to try it in the first place, but women are more likely to get addicted once they've started.

    I'm a girl, and I smoke often. During school I hold off on weekdays, but on breaks- it's pretty much every day. It would be more fun if my female friends smoked more, but they're kind of uptight. They're the kind of girls that like Sex and the City- I don't know how I am friends with these people.

  11. Which is exactly why he was trying to find chicks that smoke every day... Weekend smoking or smoking on vacation is a completely different lifestyle than smoking every day, and cannot really be compared.
  12. I know a few hot stoner chicks. My bro is getting married to one July 20th haha. Anyway, there aren't many though, a lot of them I know are really close minded and jump to conclusions about me because I smoke. I know a female dealer, she's crazy though she will beat some ass.
  13. Lol, obviously your genitals don't determine how much you smoke. But there's more to gender than just penis or vagina, there's a lot of cultural trappings too. There's still (at least in some circles) the widespread opinion that guys are the stoners and girls just indulge from time to time or even actively hassle their boyfriends (or girlfriends - but generally this stereotype is about straight girls) to quit. I think a lot of girls react to those stereotypes by smoking less or keeping it under wraps, so that they can be all, "I smoke, but I'm not a stoner - see, I'm responsible about it" when people bug them over it.

    Sometimes girls buy in to the stereotypes too. I had a couple of female friends in high school were convinced that girls didn't get as high when they smoked as guys do. I don't think that's true, but some people do, and that affects how much they choose to smoke or consider appropriate for themselves to be smoking.

    Yeah, I'm a girl stoner, too, but most of my female friends aren't. I don't think I could describe any of my female friends as being stoners, they blaze with me like twice a week at most. We always have a really good time whenever we do smoke up together though - it's always great girly bonding time, I don't know why more girls don't do it.

    You know, most of the Sex & the City characters blaze (at least in the book and I think a few times on the show)... :smoke:
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    I'm a chick and I smoke EVERY DAY. I'm not as open about it as some guys I know, but I have been cuaght before because I was so open about my habits. I know a couple other girls who smoke on occasion, but I don't see many daily tokers like myself. I can out smoke most guys that I know, and I get really high all the time, on a different level than most stoners I know
  15. Around here i think its more of the guys who do it, but there are plenty of girls as well. It just seems to be more popular among the guys to buy it and invite the girls along, than the girls just doing it at a girl night, ya know?
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    I have to salvage my grades for the time being. I want a money makin' career.

    I just did some of my math hmwk stoned. It was...challenging. I suck at math anyway.
  17. i'm a girl
  18. i would love to find a stoner chick that is really fun to chill with and iv found most girls iv asked were uninformed about cannibus and i told them what its really about and they said they wanted to try and learn about it so thats a positive lol
  19. you can't spell cannabis, but they're the uninformed ones?

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