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  1. Here's my plant that I was wondering if you can tell or get an estimate on the gender (First time growing)


    In this pic it has water drops because I had just watered it
    My second question is, is this plant dying? And if so what can I do to save it and make it grow? I planted both of them at the same time and it is WAYYY behind idk if it's grown at all the past week or so
  2. By the way they are growing in Washington state outside with warm weather averaging 75~ degrees sun is up at 7am goes down around 9pm, The plant that is growing steadily has a pot that sometimes gives it shade because they way the pot is formed and the other one doesn't I was wondering if that plays a big role?
  3. Way to early to tel the sex man... and I'm not sure what's wrong with the other one does look like it's on it's last legs though... keep them in the same spot as the one that's going well, just water around the stem or water at night so you don't burn the leaves, I just peronally do that and have not been told that but just remember my dad saying it when I used to water his garden as a kid lol
  4. I thought as much thanks man, They grow right next to each other, I watered at the same time, planted same time. So idk why that one is acting funny but I'll start watering at night.
  5. Sorry also, approx. How long would u say from the stage it's at until it gender reveals? Haha It's my first time growing and i'm really ansty and it's fun lol.
  6. Depends on a lot of things man are they just bag seeds? Are they feminized? Autos? (Bag seeds like off a friend)

    Could be lots of things, if you have more plant more increases the chances of survival.
  7. My first time growing as well man, I can't really answer that as to when you will know the sex, but just need to wait to see some buds forming for ball sacks!
  8. Or ball sacks*

    And our door takes a lot longer man.. someone will tell ya or google maybe ;)
  9. Yeah it was bag weed, germinated then a LIL too long to the point where the white roots or whatever they're called were about an inch long. Maybe it's the soil? 2 different soils.
  10. Do you think it could have been because the healthy one's pot give it shade at some times of the day while the other one does not?
  11. defff make a difference.(the soil). are you testing PH and so on... and yeah get the same amount of sun.
  12. Sorry dude not familiar with PH? And it's hard because that's just how the pot is. And I can't move them while I'm at work
  13. PH is a massive thing in growing plants bro... I'll find you a link and read it. Save you a lot of headache... need to get a tester and ph up and down solouton... all up cost you like $30-40 or more if you want fancy
  14. Thanks, you're helping a lot. These question I know have been asked before. I'm just experimenting with these plants and testing the waters. Idk what it is but I'm really enjoying growing them aha
  15. It is really fun man, I started off for the first time in a method called DWC (deep water culture) have had many problems but that's just cause it's a lot harder than soil or coco coir..and I'm not the smartest guy hahah. this is mine @ 4 weeks.. wait till you see some of the pros on here, they have some amazing plants. image.jpg
  16. Man that plant is awesome. I only did outdoor because like I said I wanted to see if I would enjoy it (I love it and I'm planning on buying feminized seeds and maybe be the neighborhood plug lol) So I didn't wanna "waste" my money on a set up but I love it. It's this weird feeling seeing it progress everyday. But eventually I'll be buying an indoor set up. Keep in touch man
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  17. You say 2 different soils. What soil is the smaller plant in. The shading from the first pot wouldn't affect it like this. What is your watering schedule? As a rule of thumb, plants don't show sex till 6-8 weeks of age unless the plant is indoors and the light is switched to 12/12. But yours being outdoors, your healthier plant should start flowering in the next few weeks. Should have planted earlier to give them time to grow before flowering starts. Indoors is another ballgame. Do yourself a favor. Do as much research as possible and read as many grow journals as possible. The journals will show you a lot of issues that you can run into and how to deal with them. Good luck
  18. Will do I've been reading a lot of guides, it's just some people know little tricks that aren't usually found online so I thought someone might be able to give a hint at gender. But anyways, what do you mean plant earlier? I plated them right after germinated them
  19. Earlier in the year. Should have been put outside the beginning of June. Lots of outdoor growers germinate indoors in Feb, veg indoors, then put outside after the last threat of frost. By then, the plants have a little size to them.

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