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  1. So this is a second post about my eldest plant. I need some help from you guys. I went back with my camera to get better quality pictures. Do I have a small bug problem? I was thinking of going to the store and buying some Organic pesticide that says it can be used on tomatoes, veggies and what not. If its good enough for tomatoes, I think its good enough for my plants =] .

    I've got more than this one plant, but this is the oldest and farthest along, so I think this one needs the most attention. Can anyone tell a gender?




  2. check for little white hairs in the crotch of the stems that means its a girl.
  3. Go to DevilDank´s thread - Question on sexing - I put some pics of what to look for on that.
  4. My final question is do you think I have a bug problem to the point where I need to buy organic pesticide, or can I ride it out?
  5. Or make your own for very little with garlic and soap.
  6. Well I decided to bite the bullet and spend 6 dollars on some Neem Concentrate oil. I mixed a tablespoon with a 2 liters of water, and gave my plants a nice shower. Hopefully those fucking ants and spidermites and all the other wild life taking advantage of my treeenomics will fuck off.
  7. Good stuff, I am told. Wish I could buy it here.
  8. I would say, Since you only keep females. The only possible choice would be

  9. Absolutely.
  10. I have one last question about growing and I don't really want to start another thread for this. What is the optimum growing temperature for plants outdoors? Like when will they grow the most at what temperatures?
  11. Mine grow like turnips in temps of about 32 to 35 C

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