geminating in a five gallon smart pot?

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  1. Okay, so I am having to start over with a seed due to an accident. I was thinking of trying to grow it a five gallon smart pot with fox farm's ocean. Is that a bad idea or...?
  2. Personally I would start her out in a propagator for a week or so and then transplant.....also I have read some bad shit from more experienced growers on here about FFOF, so I personally wouldn't touch it, but I would certainly let the seedling grow at least a week before placing her into it. 
  3. Well, I have a seedling germinating in a small pot of fox farm's now. The soil feels dense and chunky...not airy like I thought. I hope it will grow okay in it.
  4. Happy frog.

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  5. ffof is fine just dont over water it
  6. This one and another were planted in an organic soil from walmart, because my fox farm's hadn't come in yet. They are six days old. Should I transplant them to fox farm's? They look a little sad under my 96x3 led light.

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  7. You're doing fine man. Aewn't smartpots the bomb. I love them. Put the seed in the soil and let it grow. FOF is great soil. I've used it with great results. Got a big mixture of soil now made up of FF Ocean Forest, FF Happy Frog and Fox Farm Bush Doctor Coco Loco. Been using FF products since the beginning of my grow life.
    If you watch the One Good Year documentary on youtube you'll see a lot of FF products in it.
  8. Thank you. I got anxious and went ahead and transplanted them into fox farm's, but in the same container. I think they will be in shock for a few days, but hopefully they will recover and really start taking off until I transplant them to 5 gallons.
    if someone can't grow weed in FF ocean forest soil, then they aren't a very experienced grower. It's water only for at least the first 6 weeks.. can't be easier.
  10. Not saying they can't bro, just that they choose not to....if memory serves me correctly, I think it was Poke that opts to steer clear of it. 

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