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  1. Just wondering what kind of luck you all have with bag seeds germanating.I'm in the US so this has been my source for my gene pool.I have had some exceptional platns but as a hole they r of low quality.:mad: my germanaion rate(as expected) has always been very low.I know I know you areall of the opinion that the DR. will ship here with no trouble ,but i had a snag a few years ago and after a couple years to think about it :wave:i promised not to garden again.(fingers were crossed).So it's just not worth the risk for me to mail order it and i wont ask another to do that for me, so I make do the best i can.Great site guys and happy growing
  2. I usualy pick out the green seeds and the rest i have 100% success in germinating
  3. Hey Justsayno -

    My germ rate over the last few years has been about 80% from both bag seeds I have used, seeds I have bought from Dr. Chronic, and seed stock I have made myself by cross pollen my plants. (This does not count 10 free seeds I got from Dr. Chronic a year ago when I placed an order from them. They were Lockdown #2 and of the 10 free seeds only 1 germ!) Hey - They were free so I can't be upset and I am sure that the reason the Dr. was sending them as free with orders is that they were getting old or they knew the germ rate was low so they gave them away. NO BIG DEAL!!

    Anyway -

    I don't pre-germ my seed like lots of folks do in paper towels or plastic bags.... I put my seeds in good soil in small cups, wet them down, and wait a few days! 80% germ rate is fine with me!

    Kisses -

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  4. i started with bagseed got about 25% to grow out of ~40 seeds both sativa and indicas out of a 3 bag the hell out of commercial schwag:cool:...good luck man...:D.

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    Man I need to get an attachment like that for my lawn mower!
  6. Some seeds take a full 2 weeks to germinate, be patient. Especially older seeds, like seeds that have been sitting in a brick of bud for over a year ;)

    Of course some bagseed won't germinate at all, but in general if they're brown most of them should do fine, just give 'em time.
  7. Squeeze the seeds in your fingers if it breaks its no good.

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