Gelato#33 and Cbdiesel by Crop King Seeds

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  1. flushed the 2 general hydro floras grown in promix hp. Other 2 are being grown with Gaia green living soil and if I have to, I have Gaia green 444 all purpose and Gaia green 284 power bloom.. I like the simplicity of organic growing. Top dressing soil is easy and doesn’t burn if your careful. 2 lights I’m running are 250watt oneo full spectrum white and red leds and a blurple yehsence 184 watt led. Wondering if anyone has grown with the Gaia green living soil before and if so could they please touch on that subject. What I want to no is when to top dress and if I should. Supposedly the Gaia green living soil has enough from start to finish but I herd u can add some power bloom the first week of flower?
  2. Sorry forgot to post pics lol

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