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  1. Dont try this at home:

    I bought (2) 100mcg/72hr release fentayl patches. I gave one to my friend and I took the other. We both simultaneously journied to the wonderous but dangerous world of opiates and heres my story:

    5:15 we cut the side of the gel patch off, just a small 2cm strip. Opened up the packet and voila. Gelly! Well, lets just say we were both ignorant and ate all the gel (which isn't much, for a reason!) so I put my fingers on the bottom of the patch, squeezed up like a freeze pop and glooop..out comes 3/4 sized nickel drop of gel onto my tongue. I said "What the hell man, that can't be it. I think we just got played" I opened the patch up and split it into two pieces, and started licking the damn thing.

    5:20 and still not satisfied. Popped both sides of the patch in my cheeks and sucked on it.

    5:25 spit out the patch and was irritated. Got in my car and told my buddy to call me if he felt that warm fuzzy feeling you get from opiates.

    5:35 pulling into my complex I get the call..."Dude, i'm noddin' off this is the fuckin' bomb."....and I said "This is bullshit, mines not working" I hang up the phone and head up to my apt.

    6:00 and omg it hits me like a tsunami. I txted my response. I called, no response. I called his next door neighbor and sure enough he went over there and ended up nodded off and passed out. I look up on the internet and ill be damned..this fentanyl is stronger than morphine. OOops :p..

    6:15 My sweat is sweating. I'm nodding off, slapping myself to stay away. Nausea hits me..I puke my guts up and pass out. Thank god I woke up the next morning but unfortunately my friend had to go get some poison control at the hospital.

    all in all we were very lucky. After that I would say please don't try fentanyl patches. They are very dangerous and they are meant to be released over a 72hr period and this stuff comes in MICROgrams for a reason. It's really really really strong. Becareful with it. ;)
  2. Wow, try researching before you do something dumb like that. Ive eaten like a 10th of one of those patches and been fucked up. fetanyl is one of the strongest opiates on earth man.

  3. Uhh yeah...I know NOW but at the time...hence my comment...I was ignorant. So this is a warning to people that might stumble across my post with fentanyl in their hand. :wave:
  4. One of my buddies ate two patches in 12 hours. He actually handled it pretty well, but needless to say, he's in rehab now.
  5. I just gotta say..i'm glad your friend is still alive..he is a walking miracle. :)
  6. Aint that the truth. Years ago When i was traveling i was at some random hotel party in some little town in ohio, there was a bunch of junkies up there, and this 19 year old drunk girl ate a whole 72 hour patch....I didnt even know what it was at the time, but when we all woke up hung over the next morning, she was purple, and dead. Sad story and i would never touch the shit, glad your okay.
  7. wow dont do drugs when you have no idea what youre doing man.

    this is the reason why so many people die, and this shit is frowned on so terribly.

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