Geez its just nice to wake and bake and then browse on the internet.

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by Bavles, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I mean really, I don't think this simple activity gets enough love. You get up, smoke a bowl, and then grab your laptop. Internet was the greatest thing invented for stoners. If y ou want to watch a movie, you can watch any movie you want. If you want to listen to some music, you put on any song that's ever existed. If you want to just laugh, you put on some stand up comedy. I'm just doing this very activity right now, and I just wanted to go on a little rant.

  2. I'm a fan of getting all my reading done in the morning after I've had a bowl or a joint. There's just so many different sources for editorials and information now, now to mention the sites I just frequent for leisure. That with my morning coffee, make for a very optimistic introduction to the day. Sometimes that's an optimism I desperately need. The simplistic beauty of that, is definitely never lost on me.
  3. The simplicity yet complexity is simply staggering ha.  I love just blazing and searching the internet.  I have learned so much via the internet and have even developed hobbies due to the ease of researching things with the internet.  
    I was thinking about somewhat recent technological innovations that people overlook.  One of them is the internet, people now a days take this "necessary" tool for granted.  Another innovation that i have personally taken for granted, up until recently, are apps and things like FaceTime, being able to actually see someone from your portable talking device!! amazing ha

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