gee this is a really nice forum. (for superjoint)

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Digit, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. where could i get a forum as nice and shiney as this?
    i've been looking around for free forums for a while, and have yet to find one as complete as grasscity yet still offerring no bandwidth clutter and unessecary things to slow it down.

    so, supaJ, if its free, where did the forum come from?
    or is it a complete custom build?
    i wannit i wannit! :D

  2. it's not for free, but it is not expensive, it's a vbulletin forum, however we have made some adjustments na off course gave it our own look and feel. you can get it at


  3. we had to expensive for us though..started running up bills of like a 100 per month.....then came the legal troubles... soo yeah... ummm they're not that expensive but can get costly with lots of members....
  4. so SJ, how much does the city cost per month?

  5. 1150 USD per month for bandwith alone

  6. and thats what you call "not expensive". HA! :p

  7. ok but that is what the forum does as far as traffic concerned, the software is like 150 USD or sometihng like that for a ownded license, especialy all the the uploaded images in the growing section are bandwith busters :) , but we offer it for free as an extra service to our custumors!

    I think it is very important that a place like the grasscity forums excist, for education, fun and getting like mindedn people get in touch with each other!


  8. damn, i love you sj!
  9. wow dude, hats off to you! ... geez thats sum serious cash

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