gee ,l had fun yesterday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by critter, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. The sewer blocked up.l had to hire a worm and unblock it .Gee its fun playing in shit ,specially with the worm flinging wet shit everywhere,lol. And its one of those jobs ya carn,t stop till its finished or ya carn,t have a shower :D.

    arh well ya get that on the big jobs ,

    l hate shit :D[but l did save a couple of hundred dollars]
  2. buy a big fat bag of nuggets with the money you saved and smoke that shit. Its most assured that that shit is better than the previous shit you've encountered.
  3. I do that just about every day critter.. Playing in the shit is just a part of life for me!!!


  4. critter will never need to buy weed....LOL

    i hate shit also, but your happy when its all done and behind u

  5. rotflmao :D .
  6. eeww. i'd rather pay somebody, mainly cos im lazy but also cos i'd proberly thro up or something lol.

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