Gecko in my bong....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by captain zigzag, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. So my gf and I went to a reptile convention last Sunday and she ends up buying a baby crested gecko. That same day, the gecko falls off my gf's arm while she had him out and he escaped. We spent probably an hour and a half looking for him but the little fucker disappeared. While we were searching for him my gf knocked over my bong(thank god it didn't break or i might be single) so i decided to put it away. I removed the bowl from my bong and placed it in the tube since it sits perfectly on top without falling in, then I put the bong back in it's case and placed it in my closet.

    Over the next few days, we continued to keep an eye out for the gecko. I was expecting to walk into room and spot him on the wall or maybe on the curtains near the window, but no such luck. Then today, I decided to break out my bong once more. I took it out, filled it with water and ice and proceeded to rip a fat bowl. When I was finished, I went to dump the water out and noticed what looked to be a tail near one of the two percolators. I looked a little closer and saw four small feet, a tail, and a head. I immediately realized it was the gecko and I rushed to get him out but he as stuck under the ice catcher. After a minute or two of shaking the bong, he fell out into my bath tub. I was sure he was dead but when I picked him up, he started looking around and moving his tail. He seemed very weak and he wasn't moving much, most likely a combination of not eating for several days and being blitzed out of his mind lol. I gave him some fresh food and water and placed him in his terrarium to recuperate. Also, my bong is named Reptar, so I dubbed the gecko Reptar Jr.

    So blades, have any interesting critters ever turned up in/on one of your pieces?

    TLDR: Lost a gecko, found him trapped inside my bong 4 days later after smoking a bowl
  2. Pics or it didn't happen.
  3. Damn, that gecko must have been high as fuck

    Edit: pics of the gecko!
  4. Picture the liZard as the gieco gieko lmao

  5. This.
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    a friend of mine in high school did a lot of unmentionables. his cat would go and lick and smell any lose powder laying around. we would blow smoke in his face too and he loved it

    Unmentionables is still discussing other drugs, which is STILL Not allowed. - WW
  7. pics or it didn't happen LOLLLLL now thats FUNNY !
  8. Yeah please put the gecko back in the bong for 4 days, smoke again, then take pictures to satisfy birdlives' curiousity.
  9. LOL

    poor Gecko

  10. assuming the gecko is still alive and kicking, this story just made my day. :D
  11. i couldnt post my story but it involves a beagle licking an id card..ya..not as bad as it sounds really but still cant say.
  12. For the amusement of Birdlives and the rest of GC, here is a pic of the gecko and the bong is in the background.

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  13. Cute!!!! :3

  14. hows he doin?
  15. He's doing pretty well as a matter of fact. He ate some of the food I gave him last night and he was moving around a lot when I took him out earlier. I think he'll be alright.
  16. wow man this is an awesome story. i really thought he was a goner when you said you saw what looked like a tail in the bong.... Glad to hear that the little guy made it alright!

    Sidenote: I wonder what the little fella thought of the smoke? I know this sounds funny to ask but have you noticed that he likes it? (similar to how some cats and dogs like smoke)
  17. works for me, cool story OP.

  18. Me too man, I thought there was no way he could've survived in there all that time. There was still water in the percs when I put it away so I guess the only thing he was missing was food lol.

    As for the smoke, I don't really know. I put him back in his terrarium with my other crested gecko and he just chilled in the same spot for like 18 hours haha. I would imagine it's not very healthy for him though, his lungs are probably too small and frail to handle it that well. I did however try and imagine what it was like being trapped in a giant bong while someone takes massive rips out of it lol
  19. Cute gecko!

    Surprised he didn't die from all that fucking tar in your bong.


  20. Watch him come back for more:smoke:
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