Gears of War Judgement

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  1. Couldnt agree more
  2. Haven't played GOW3 in awhile,I think I'll play now :)

  3. I'm guessing this was directed at me, if not then cool.

    I agree. It looks the same game. That's the point. I'm not gonna spend £40 on this when I can play practically the same game for much, much less money. I suggest you do the same. Don't waste £40-50 on a new version of the same game.

    Especially as you're an online gamer. Play GOW 1 or 2 or 3. There's nothing wrong with either of those as it stands that this one is going to fix or change and you already have it, no waiting. Plus more money for bud, beer and power/Internet bills.

    Sorry if all that comes across wrong. I just get annoyed with gaming some times. Hollywood too. Fuck this, I'm off to the woods.
  4. Lol

    I disagree.

    I like purchasing a few select games to support the company.

    Epic has done good with gears over the years

    An i dont mind paying 50-60 for it once every few years/months it comes out.

    But i also understand with all the "hollywood" bullshit.

    Like repackaging same basic ideas from a previous game and throwing on a different title.

    But usually with epic i never see this kind of thing.

    With COD

    I see new killstreaks and such but after about a week the games get predictive and campaign is usually just alright.

    I dont rememer wher i was going with this cause in pretty high but yeah.

  5. I buy about 2 Xbox games per YEAR. This year was Borderlands 2 and Gears3. Played Gears3 and have almost every single medal/character/gunskin. BL2 I have 12days of playtime logged.

    I have no problem droping $60 twice a year to play Xbox. We get each other live cards during christmas so that we all have game time for the year
  6. Thats dope man, the get each other xbox live time for xmas, brightens my day.

    Yeah same here bout 2 games a year.

    Sometimes just one.

    Who needs new when the older ones are still addicting lol

  7. Yeah we use to get together every friday night to game. If we all had better computers we'd play PC games but Xbox Live works well(-the online fee)

    If it wasn't for my buddy getting this really fucked up error that deleted all his Gears 3 progress we would still be playing today. However, when someone loses all their progress the fun just kind of disappears
  8. Yup. Seen it happen to a few. Supposedly its all the updates.
  9. 2 seems to be the theme here. 2012, I bought Hitman Absolution and WWE 13. Can't wait for Judgement though.
  10. How is that hitman btw? Ive heard good things.
  11. [quote name='"Joedahoe"']

    How is that hitman btw? Ive heard good things.[/quote]

    It's badass. I'm actually on my third time Running through it right now. A lot of people say it's not like the old Hitman games, but i haven't played any of those so I can't judge it on that. I really enjoy it though.
  12. Might have to check it out then. I like the old
    hitman games but i hear so much good on the new one
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    People didn't always use the arm ripping, or beat-down execution until they buffed it. It used to only give around 56 points when completing it, now it gives a whopping 360+!!! That's easily the same xp as 2 kills, so there's no wonder so many people are going to do it even with the slightest chance to perform to perform it. If EPIC really wanted people to stop doing it, they'll reset the execution bonus back to how it was when the game first released. I don't like to do the long duration executions because it's a sign of disrespect... most people do it as a sign of disrespect, waisting everybodies time just to embarrass some one on the other team. Even in judgement I'm going to be running around with only a gnasher, like I said before if you want to run around with an automatic go play another shooter.
    Also I'm not a huge fan of the new hitman, I played it for a good 5 hours and just gave up on it. I don't even have the slightest desire to finish the campaign, but to each his/her own.
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    One of the simple yet best reasons Xbox 360 beats Ps3 every time. Even my friends who recently got an xbox said the same thing "why doesn't ps3 have a party chat"? And it's absolutely true.

    What are your gamertags? I will enjoy playing with some of you
    Mine= DeLuhsIon
  15. ^^ i hate the length of executions, i use them for the bonus xp but i seem to always get killed while doing them and the only time i feel like i can use them so one will take my kill as im about to execute them
  16. Well I just hit the max level of 400(wooooot!) so now I could care less about executions, for now I'm just running around with a gnasher trying out different techniques(roadie strafing, wall bouncing, basic strafing) just to get amazing kills and improve my gaming experience. Also, I could literally care even less about my kills being taking since I don't have to worry about xp so much and as for k/d and w/l, such numbers doesn't concern me. What's your gamertag, maybe we can play together? :)
  17. I feel that gears 3 has been released too recently for this to be, " very impressive" to me at least. Hope they can prove me wrong.

  18. Too recently, gears 3 came out like 2 years ago lol.
  19. Anyone interested in some TDM?
  20. Too much of a gears fan (gears 1-3) to get this, becayse of how much they have changed the game. Anyone get this game that has been a hardcore gears fan from the start and enjoys this game?

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