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  1. So, I noticed none of the gears of war trilogy nor the upcoming release of the new Gears of War:Judgement had a thread on this web sight so I thought I should change that. So, here's the new trailer:

    What are your thoughts on the game?
  2. It looks dope. But i wanna see if itll top gears 3
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    @Above, Here is some gameplay judge for yourself.
    Also here is some leaked gameplay, this is the new "Free For All" gametype and you'll see this game features many different features.
  4. Ive been waiting for something like this too!

    Haha love epic
  5. Looks great. Any new frags?
  6. I heard there was going to be a beta for this game, but instead of gears 3 how you needed a code it'll be free to the public. AGAIN, this is just what I heard so I'm not promising anything just sharing what I heard from web sights and videos. I've been a fan of gears of war ever since I had an xbox 360, hell I even got an xbox 360 when I seen the gears of war 1 trailer haha! I never been too good at the games until gears 3 came out, I am above average in that game. I only use the gnasher, only power weapons when my team is losing BADLY. I don't see why people would play gears of war just to camp behind cover and spray, if you enjoy that type of game play go play call of duty or battle field. Gears is the only shooter that you get respect for using a shotgun, I love it! :D
  7. Also, judging from the game play it seems the rifles are over powered more then ever... I hope they don't turn gears of war into another spray and pray shooter :(
  8. Right!? I hate people who hide and camp in a game that takes so much damage for you to die.
  9. Never really tried Gears multiplayer cause I feared I would be awful at it. (If I do bad in any multiplayer game, then I tend to rage like a mothafucka)

    But I'm an avid fan of the Gears' series. Got the first game as a present from my parents when I got my first 360 and then my brother bought 2 (which I later stole from him), and then I bought 3 the morning it came out.

    I'm hoping Judgement continues to amaze me in every way just like the rest of the Gears games. Epic has a way of making each entry that much more exciting and mesmerizing!

    Off topic and a spoiler if you've not played Gears 3, but did anyone kinda cry when Dom sacrificed himself at Mercy? I was with a friend who'd never played Gears and I was fighting back tears when I saw that and he was looking at me like "what the hell are you tearing up about?".
  10. Lol i feel ya on Dom man. :sad:

  11. I agree, the campaign in the series is worth playing. The multiplayer requires much skill but when you get nasty at the game you'll be embarrassing your competators. My brother wall bounces so quick he has kids spinning in circles!!! When dom died I felt nothing, I found it corny and clique to be honest. However, if baird or cole died I would of been very let down. That trilogy is over(for now) and with judgement taking place before E day who knows what this revamped series has in store for us?
  12. My buddies and I play the Gears series for almost 1 reason only...great 4 player gaming.

    We will for sure be picking this game up and playing it to death
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    The game is just so fun, I can never get tired of it because you're always improving. Also, the feelings of ripping people to shreds with the shotgun is truly a sight to behold. I don't only play online multiplayer though, I make private matches and invite my friends or whoever wants to join just to use shotguns and snipers and just straight up talk about anything we want to. It's funny when some one gets mad, everybody would start teasing him/her :D
    I may put up some pics and videos of gameplay from gears 3 if you guys want something to do, you all can also do the same and I'll take the time to give it my full attention.
  14. I think the best part is a really long execution for the campers
  15. I love when people would do that to me, then spin in circles showing they're "better then me". They get so happy! I don't even get mad at this game anymore, I mean I run around with a gnasher and body kids. If people enjoy hiding behind cover with a rifle out and feel accomplished when they kill me, I let it be. I also enjoy the executions myself, it really spices thing's up. I also don't get the deal as to why people pick girl characters, I mean yes they're skinny and sexy but I don't need a smaller character to get kills. I rock Classic Baird and Grenadier, along with the Lancer+Gnasher combo... pure classic!
  16. best feeling is the arm rip execution on a camper
  17. Yeah im kinda guilty of using the girls. Its not cause of the sexy factor or w.e it just seems like they move easier like lighter. But i only use assault rifles when absolutely necessary

    Yup yup
  18. Is that Baird in the trailer?

    Sorry to say but this does look a lot more like more of the same. At least on face value. I don't see any reason that I would spend £40-50 on this when I can spend less than £10 on GOW1 or 2.

    I did like the Reaper thing though. Been wondering how long it would take for their design to become standard 'big enemy'.
  19. the game is about Baird, before he was in delta squad
  20. What game sequel/trilogy/20th fucking COD is not a re-boot? As long as they keep the aspects that made the game great and add a few improvements everything is all gravy.

    My friends and I would buy this game just for Horde mode. Takes about 2hrs to reach wave 50, xbox live party with my best friends scattered across the country, bag of weed, case of beer, and I would say that's online gaming is all about:smoking:

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