Gears of war 2 storyline

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  1. if you guys played gears 2 and beat it tell me what you think about the story line

    honestly in my opinion idk where they are going with the third one it seems like they kinda destroyed the whole story

  2. the story is just a mechanism to deliver you the gameplay.

    Gears story is just like most movies, matrix is a good example: had some touching moments and some ass kicking but its main purpose is to make a sequel so as time goes by the simple and good storyline becomes overly complicated and stupid.

    having said that gears is a good game and co-op helps fill the hole left by the lacking story and simplistic characters.

  3. The story line is alright, cheesy at points, but not terrible as far as game plots go. I don't think the plot of Gears 1 was that great either, so I don't think they destroyed the story at all, I think it was on par with the first. I beat the game on Hardcore, went to try it on Veteran for the achievements awhile later, but gave up because I really didn't want to play the story anymore.

    The real fun of Gears 2 is in Horde and other multiplayer modes IMO.
  4. Ill compare the story line to gears 1.We were left asking more questions then we got answers.I think the story was a lil better then gears 1 but They need to answer more questions and also make marcus a more likeable character.Hopefully they tidy all this up for 3.Till then Ill keep playing the faulty MP.

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